Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Night Lights

We let Elizabeth (old) and Mia (silly and borderline skinny) out to eat some grain in the evenings. I love being in the barn at night even when I'm really tired, like tonight.

Elizabeth is a serious eater. She means business. Mia eats for a little while and then "Look, there's a chicken!" and gets distracted and walks away. The only animal (or person) on the farm who'll walk away from a plate of food.

That's Keebs outside the gate in the top shot looking pitiful and painfully thin himself. Or at least trying to ;-).


Janice L. Grinyer said...

I think Keebs is sucking in his cheeks aka "zoolander" style...LOL

Alice said...

Keebler is waiting for the cookies....you DID give him some didn't you?
I'm old like Elizabeth, but wish I was thin like Mia ;-)
Love Betsy in the pictures taking it all in like she has always been around to supervise.

Ed said...

Yep, Keebs is trying to get to the munchies..:-))

small farm girl said...


Tiggeriffic said...

I just love reading your postings.. Being in the barn at night would be so cool, looking at all the sheep and seeing what they are doing.. Keebs is such a great poser for pictures. lol.. he is like cookie monster on Sesame Street. Cookies~cookies~cookies~!
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


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