Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't Tell Me She's Lost Again

No, no! I finished the Tour de Fleece. Crossed the correct finish line and everything! Not a blue car to be seen anywhere. Pass the same car twice in trying to find something in a small town and you never live it down... ;-)

I spun lots of different projects for the Tour, but they were all...wool. Nothing but wool. Several people on the My Favorite Sheep team spun all sorts of cool stuff and I decided maybe I'd like to give it a try.

I've had a bag of white bunny fuzz forever. I blended some in with some soft white wool.

I blended even more in with some brown Marcel.

I've had some pretty red alpaca sitting around and blended some of that with Marcel. I also took some of that blend and added a little gold glitz.

The glitz doesn't show up too well here, but trust me. It's beautiful mixed in with some Buddy and when you run Cotswold through the drum carder, it feels like a sink full of bubbles. You just want to keep smooshing on it :-).

Last, but not least - white, shiny, super soft kid mohair blended with some gray Jacob.

And the winner is....?


Deb W said...

Yes, that bunny/wool blend is luscious. I think you'll like it even more after it's spun. I hope we can get more people interested in it, then maybe we'll have more bunny owners in this area!

Jennie C said...

OMG!!!! Sara that looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! I knew the bunny wool would look awesome in that moorit fleece :) ENJOY IT!!!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

And the winner is....YOU!

Alice said...

Hey, what's a heaven for???
So happy you've tried something new between your fingers. They are all winners. I personally like the mohair-jacob combo.
Give 'em all a smoosh for me. ;-)

Shirley said...

The winner is whoever gets what is made out of any of those.

Terry said...

Lovely! It looks so soft.

Christine said...

Oooooh, white bunny fuzz makes everything better.


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