Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chicken Guardian Sheep


"Baa-ck Baa-ck"

"Nothin' to see here. Just us chickens I mean sheep."

This is the Adventure Chicken Betsy tried to take out the other day. A little too much adventure perhaps ;-). For the chicken, not Betsy. Oh no. She tried to catch Little Jane (the black and white bantam) yesterday. And Betsy's not a big kitty.

But don't tell her that.

She might try to take you out, too!

So our near fearless Adventure Chicken is now grazing alongside the sheep. Safety in numbers?

"Baa-ck Baa-aaa-ack"

We have new fence out back. We were concerned there'd look like too many fences back there, but it looks good. Much neater than the trusty electric and no more worrying about cockle burrs from the creek bank :-).


Sheepmom said...

What a smart chicken. Safety with her big friends, AND they kick up crickets and other bugs for her to grab. She's obviously leadership material!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Adventure Chicken rocks!

Alice said...

That’s a really ramblin’ rail fence you’ve got. It will be great for your linear, shadow, and snow melting photos ( to name a few).

I love the Adventure Chicken’s disguise as a sheep.... a very unique breed indeed ;-)

farmlady said...

That's one smart chicken...
Will she be wearing a sheep costume for Halloween? She can go as THE BANTAM SHEEP.
The fence is lovely. Wish I had all that flat land.

Peruby said...

Wouldn't that make a cute children's story? The chicken who thought she was a sheep. You have the pics and you can add Betsy in for one of the side stories.

I think the fence looks great and I hate cockle burs.

Christine said...

I'm using the alpacas to sweep up the burrs. Their hairdos are just like swiffer dusters. A fence would be a much better idea though. ;-)

Deb W said...

You haven't said much about the Adventure chickens in a while. How many do you actually have, and what breeds? I only remember seeing about 4 when I was there, including a teeny one (?) and the biggest Cochin I've ever seen. That thing is huge! It's a good thing Cochins are good natured :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

The bantam sheep. That's awful. Really baaaaaa-d. I might just do it :-D

We have 8 chickens. That big cochin and the big white hen are probably 9 years old. The reason you don't see more than that is they are all over the farm...which is where their eggs end up...and we buy eggs at the stupid grocery store.

We had two of those cochin hens and a rooster that matched. He was the only nice rooster we've ever had.

Ed said...

Super chicken to the rescue, hank has some competition for the guard work..:-)

Terry and Linda said...

That cute cat...I have NEVER had a cat try to take on a full grown chicken. Baby chicks yes, but not full grown.


Anonymous said...

We've got an adventure chicken too,, but whenever she hops in the pasture the sheep chase her around!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm ending my lunch reading your post--A good place to stop!! I hope you're having an enjoyable day!! :-)

flowerweaver said...

I think Avo rooster and his 'fuzzy hen' Phoebe the ewe showed how the two species can intermingle.


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