Monday, August 15, 2011

Behind The Scene

That was Lila yesterday - up front and center.

Keebs, behind her, was trying to take a nap. In his spot. His "office".

The Eli of the sheep world.

I don't know why these...these... SHEEP keep trying to hang out with me. Yeesh. They're annoying, smell god-awful, block my fan, and if that really loud one (Elizabeth) doesn't shut up, I'm going to punch her right in the mouth.

Most of the sheep have their own "spots". Keebs sleeps in the little stall, preferably By Himself. Ewen McTeagle sleeps in the back corner of the big inside stall. Ewenice sleeps in the middle of the outer shed. Henrietta sleeps just inside the big (soon to be) door on the inside.

Boudreaux has taken to sleeping right in the doorway leading out to the aisleway, aka the only way the old sheep have to get out and eat "cookies" in the evening. He's an obstacle.


Gayle said...

Your blog is just so darned cute. I love it!

Alice said...

Ahhh... I can see from the first picture that he is behind her behind! Yeah...He was supposed to get the King Sized suite at the Holi-Dunham Inn and he got a room at the Hostel Super8 instead. I would imagine that sharing is not something he embraces, especially with a ewe. The indignity of it all, makes him wonder how he's supposed to get anything done in his office.

Linda said...

How dare they;))))

Lori Skoog said...

All are happy campers!

farmlady said...

Oh my, we are being particular, aren't we? "His office" I love it!
Our goats have their special places too and are very territorial about it.
My motto is...Let sleeping goats (or sheep) lie.

Terry and Linda said...

And people say animals are dumb...I say people are very there!


flowerweaver said...

It's alright Keebs! I know you're a people!

small farm girl said...

I wouldn't want anyone sleeping in my bed either.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the Keebs! What a sweetie. He looks pretty content to me. :)


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