Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Dog U

Training any animal to do a job is hard work. You tend to get out of them what you put into them, whether a horse, dog, cat...wait a minute. Scratch cats off the list. They put a lot of work into training us ;-).

Last weekend - boy this week flew by - I got to go watch some stockdog trainers practice with their dogs at a beautiful farm just outside North Middletown.

Here the "local" dog is moving a group of sheep up to the practice field. The commute.

This is Debbie Bailey's Huck. Huck of the huge sheep in the wool house fame. Check out the horses watching sheep tv up on the hill. They'd watch awhile, graze awhile, check back in for the next dog... I could do an entire post just on them.

A kind word for the dog holding the small groups of sheep up on the hill, waiting for the running dog to come pick them up and bring them down.

I love the concentration between the dog and sheep in this picture.

I'm pretty sure this is Camp.

And this is her young dog Nick.

He was getting in a little trouble that morning, but that's why you go to school.

These are "hair sheep" by the way. They are shedding.

I love to watch these dogs work. I love listening to the owners whistle their commands. While I have no desire to have a competitive trial dog, some day I'd like to have a good herding* dog to help me at home. And then I'd have to go back to school too :-).

*Hank is obviously the best dog ever...


Alice said...

It is fascinating how these Border Collies have this innate ability to guide animals to their destination. You are right, with proper training they really do lend a helping hand to their owner. What a wonderful talent.

CathyD. said...

I wouldn't say that comment about having a good dog to help you at home too loud. I'm afraid it would hurt Hank's feelings.

Huck and Camp are amazing. Great post.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Good catch CathyD.!!!

Michelle said...

I love to watch these dogs work. We have a border collie who, though untrained, has helped me round up a cow or two. Great dogs.

Camp said...

OH Aunt Sara! You captured a perfectly wonderful day. The Hills are alive with....the sound of whistles! And just how did you guess that was Camp coming on the fetch..ummmm because he was going 90 miles an hour perhaps??? Thank you for letting us visit with you and thank you for capturing this wonderful day!

farmlady said...

MU two Corgis are herding dogs.. but we are the only ones being herded.
They do try to herd the goats along the fence, but the goats just stand there and look at them.
I love watching well trained Border Collies. They are so smart.
Good post, great photos.

Linda said...

I love your bee photos!! And I think these sheep really do have an eye out for that dog!!!




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