Friday, June 24, 2011

The Three Little Piggies

If you look waaaaay out in the middle horse paddock, you'll see three little piggies sheepies. That would be Mia, Blizzard and B. Willard, the three sheep still short enough to belly crawl under the fence. I've given up trying to keep them out of trouble. They are Hank's problem now.

Yesterday, out of the corner of my eye, I caught him making a run at T-Bone and Gato. He hates the horses (mostly T-Bone ;-) and I thought he was just picking on them and hollered at him. As always though when I'm calling Hank out on something, I found he was just doing his job. The three piggies were out there and the horses had gotten too close. Hank chased them all the way into the next paddock.


"And lady at the barn, shut up and let me do my job!"

"Yes, sir."

I don't mind being outsmarted by a dog.


Alice said...

Love the linearity of the photo, including the sheep.

Looks like Hank has reminded you who's the boss of creatures with four legs. You can be in charge of all things in the Wool House ;-)

Phyllis said...

Love how you bring us right into the middle of what's goin' on; you're such a great writer!

Tiggeriffic said...

I love your blog and tell everyone to take a look and enjoy.
I love this one,, Hank is on duty at all times..He is quite a dog~!
Have a Blessed Day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Lori Skoog said...

Hank knew what he was doin'.

Deb W said...

So I guess Mia is feeling better? One of your 'crew' told me at the KSFF that she hadn't been doing well.

How about Renny? She looks pretty short. Too plump to get under the fence? ;)

Ed said...

So the old saying about the grass being greener is true, good thing Hank is on the job..:-)))

Michelle said...

I hope you get another LGD when Hank gets older, so he can train the new recruit. What an amazing dog he is!

Terry said...

Good dog!
The husband's horse Reggie hates dogs and chases the local coyotes. They've learned not to cut across his pasture.

Terry and Linda said...

I won't either!

Great Post



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