Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Even the "old" porch had beauty. And this particular beauty is tired of sitting out in the middle of the yard like a bunch of shiftless hobos live here. I think Hank might have even peed on it last night as he made his "rounds" :-o.

Anyway, the porch is almost done!

Some things I've learned:

Don't ever try this yourself. Whatever it costs to have a professional painting CREW come in will be worth every penny.

If you DO have to do something like this, steal Saint Tim's iPod. He's got some classic tunes...and a few real stinkers. Sylvia's Mother? Seriously?

If you play Robert Earl Keen loud enough, the cats stay clear away (from the wet paint).

If a bluegrass band covers a vulgar rap song, you will laugh. Every time it rolls back around.

Mary Gauthier. Some beautiful songs there. Some are so sad though that you sort of feel like Snoopy listening to Schroeder playing the piano. Here's a link to a new (to me) favorite.

Blue masking tape isn't infallible. Sigh.

Oil based paints are a real PITA and will ruin perfectly good, brand new (Renny tossing) Crocs.

But Zappos will ship a new pair within 24 hours.

I deserve them.

And maybe a little mercy.

Surely by noon EST tomorrow I'll be able to move all the furniture and plants back on the porch (see oil based paints above) and out of the yard. How about we draw for Bluebell's fleece to celebrate!

If you donated to Wolf Run, sent me an email and did not hear anything back, send it again so I don't miss anyone for the drawing. If you donated and forgot to send an email, the address is thecrazysheeplady AT gmail DOT com. If you'd still like to donate (or at any time in the future) you can follow this link.



small farm girl said...

Oil based paint takes longer to dry. Just FYI. hehehehe. I can't keep flowers on our ground either. Luke pees on them too.

Alice said...

Cant wait to see the pictures of the finished product! The cats will be glad that the grounds surrounding their cat condo will be
painted and decorated. I hope the oil based paint can withstand Lila's tap dancing. She does such a cute jig!
Is Weaslie going to look like a cockeyed skunk for the summer or were you able to get the paint off his backside?
Saint Tim could use an I-Tunes gift card for his Ipod to help with the next paint job ;-)

Christine said...

Based on past oil based paint experience I would suggest you wait a few more days before moving the furniture back. Maybe even a week.

Jenny Glen said...

SYLVIA'S MOTHER? NO WAY! Scott makes me sit through that song too! Down with Dr. Hook!

Bee Lady said...

I hate using oil based paint on anything. I usually go to the paint store and get the really good acrylic paint. And a hint..while painting...listen to a book on tape...ahem..I guess that'd be cd!

Cindy Bee

Peruby said...

I love Sylvia's Mother!

k.somerville said...

I'm soooo jealous. We are currently gut rehabbing an old house on Main St. in Versailles. You know, the one that looks like no one lives there because it's current state is dilapidated? That one. Can't wait until we at least paint the exterior.

flowerweaver said...

Who is Sylvia anyway? Glad to hear it's is finished. I agree, with oil-based paint I'd wait longer.

Ed said...

LOL! Hayseed Dixie does Bluegrass AC/DC its hilaroius and should confuse the cats. Did you by any chance see the latest Southpark? Its all ablut getting older..;-)


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