Monday, June 20, 2011

On Patrol

Feeling nostalgic for the good ole days...of a week or so ago.

I sure miss lil' Lila following me around, taking naps on the porch. Weaning is hard on everyone.

"Especially ME! I can't believe I'm having to raise another bottle baby."

What would we do without Miss Ewenice.

Of course, having spent her formative [weeks] living with The Police, Lila's really not so sure about this sheep thing and would much rather go out on patrol with Hank.

"Look kid, I really don't need a partner."

"But I'm really good at this stuff. I even caught a bad guy once!"

"Okay, but here's what we'll do. We head out together and then you cut over to the right hand side and I'll take the road fence."

"You just make sure she's back in time for dinner 'cause when she gets hungry, she'll make your ears bleed with all that screaming!"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Yep! Just like I thought. We'll need to watch these neighbor dogs. I'm on it, Hank!"


Mimi Foxmorton said...

I've decided I'll probably never wean Darla. I like our time together too much. :)

cyndy said...

Hee! :-D crack me up!

Gayle said...

Such a beautiful setting for Hank and the sheep. Must be hard to do chores....I would want to just sit and watch all day long!

Susan said...

Lila is such a good helper! It looks as though she's getting the hang of being a sheep/dog.

Alice said...

Miss Ewenice should get extra cookies for being such a dependable momma sheep. The way the second picture is taken, it looks as though she has several legs, some of the Lila's.
It's funny how Lila's posturing resembles Hank. She may well have an identity crisis!
Sweet, sweet pictures ;-)

Shirley said...

Now that's a sheep/dog!

Terry said...

Sheep or lamb - she's still a doll.

Lori Skoog said...

Looks like a very positive transition to me. Miss Lila is in good company...but I'm sure you miss each other.

Christine said...

LOL, you just know that's how the conversation went.

flowerweaver said...

She's a dual breed (wool & guarding)!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that weaning stuff is hard. I think Miracle Eve would take a bottle right this minute if I offered her one!

Love the pictures.lil' Lila is a cutie pie.
Have a great day.

small farm girl said...

You might have something there.... Guard Sheep.

Terry and Linda said...




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