Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Winner

Well, besides the animals at Wolf Run, is Marcy from California.

A huge thank you to everyone! I believe we raised around $350. That surely puts a good dent in the hay bill for Bluebell and her barnyard buddies :-).

I used RANDOM.ORG for the drawing.


Alice said...

Wow! That is an incredible amount to gather in just a few days and it is more money than they would have gotten otherwise because we were unfamiliar with their need. Thanks for the volunteer shearing and for bringing attention to this wonderful service.
Congratulations to Marcy! What a memorable spin this will make :-)

Christine said...

Yay for Bluebell!

Ron said...

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sara and everyone who donated to Wolf Run during this raffle. Your efforts and donations to support the residents are GREATLY appreciated! And I have posted a thank you note along with a link to this blog so that others can follow Sara and her little adventures!

Susan said...

Yeah, Marcy! That is some awesome looking fleece. And thanks to you, crazysheeplady, for the love you show all things sheeply (and otherwise).

Ron said...

If any of you good people would like to support Bluebell directly, Wolf Run does have ChipIns on the "Help Support WR" page specifically to provide feed for the deer and farm animals. You can also make a note any time directly from the paypal link on the same page that you support Bluebell and the sheepy folk.


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