Saturday, February 19, 2011

Logan River Wrap Knitalong - Part One

This started as a simple post to chronicle the Logan River Wrap Knitalong - aka Janbaby picked out a fun pattern and I invited myself to knit along ;-). I decided to use some of our millspun yarn and cast on during Open Shop Thursday. It was warm enough that Stella and I sat out on the porch.

Janbaby is working the complete shawl (and probably has it halfway done by now). I shortened the pattern to make a scarf (so I'd have some hope of finishing it before next winter). My friend Mistene suggested swapping the direction of one of the cables running up the side border - good idea - and I'm loving the deliberate drop stitches part.

I'd received this darling knitting bag for Christmas and it was perfect for this project. I was so impressed with it's usefulness (and cuteness) I decided to take a few pictures.

Room for a couple big balls of yarn. Matching inside pockets. Beautifully constructed.

With a loop on the bottom if you want to anchor your bag with a chair leg on the floor.

But the button handles on the top are my favorite feature. If you remember another project bag in the not so distant past, you'll know why a bag that attaches to a fixed object like a chair might be an important.

I knitted along a little yesterday afternoon too and as the sun started to set it got chilly on the porch so I grabbed my bag and headed out to the sheep field, parked myself in a sunny spot and got ready to take some progress pictures. As usual, I didn't have a clue where this story would go.


Nancy K. said...

Love the knitting bag! How adorable that you need to have a knitting bag that can be fastened down to avoid being "stolen". ;-)

Now I'm going to go check out that wrap...

CathyD. said...

How very, very clever. I love the loop for the chair leg, but I agree, the button handles are just the best!

Linda said...

That bag would make a great book bag...seeing's that I am not a knitter;)


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