Thursday, October 24, 2019

Yesterday Was A Great Day For A Farm Party

Today is looking great as well!  Saturday?  Well...not so much :-/.  Blah, blah, blah...let's talk about yesterday!

After a thoroughly enjoying day that included a really good (carriage) driving lesson, some flower shopping, a short (car) driving tour of some of the fancier horse farms around Lexington and general relaxing in the finally enjoyable sunshine, Karen, Kate and I took a walk back to the pond.

And Hank went with us!  He hasn't done that since back in the spring.  That really made my day.

All the flowers have gone to seed, including the milkweed.  I am planning to harvest some seed pods to spread more plants along the wet weather creek for next year.  They are slowly making their way to the front field, but a little help wouldn't hurt I don't think.

Here's why Saturday's forecast of rain isn't really bringing me down.  Even with the recent rains, the pond level is still as low as I can ever remember.  The low growing brown plants headed up the bank are usually under water.  Yikes.

Our trees just turned brown this fall.  No good colors...except this little seedling I found near the pond bank.  We needed Saturday's predicted rain two months ago. 

Breathe in..............breathe out..............

And follow Hank back to the barn.

You've probably guessed that the forecast for this Saturday's farm party is not looking good.  We toyed with trying to reschedule for another weekend, but next Saturday is out and after that the weather in November gets dicey enough that even a good probably not a great day...unless you are a sheep or a shepherd.

It's a farm party.  Farms depend on rain.  After the hot dry summer we've had, we are still celebrating the rain.  Come January we might be tired of it, but at the end of October we aren't going to let rain keep us from enjoying what we do every day, rain or shine.

The National Hug A Sheep Day farm party is still on!  Dress accordingly and wear your rain gear...and a smile...because every day is a good day to hug a sheep, even a rainy day :-).  See you Saturday!  


Karen at longwell said...

Your land, your views....sigh!!! How I wish I could transport myself like Mr. Spock from Western NY to your peaceful farm this Saturday... Rain OR Shine! Enjoy the weekend :-)

JaneJMtl said...

What Karen at longwell said. Have a great Hug a Sheep Day! I’ll be hugging them all virtually here in Montreal.

knitski said...

Lovely photos and so glad you will have your day rain or not! I hope does rain so you get some much-needed moisture into the soil for the winter.

Have blast!

Cheryl West said...

Have a great day even if wet with your much needed rain.

Terry and Linda said...

What a beautiful farm you have. And your photos are outstanding. It was delightful seeing Hank up and about, although that leg did look bad. Fall is a wondrous time on your farm.

-jane roth- said...

Sounds great, but I am not moving well right now. Rain makes it worse, so I will pass.

My best to you and everyone! I hope you have a terrific day!



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