Wednesday, October 16, 2019


I've lost track of how many times I thought I'd be writing these words.  So many times that now that I'm actually having to write it...I don't know what to say.  

Renny probably should have died before she ever hit that muddy pond years ago.  She should have died in the pond.  She should have died at the animal shelter.  She should have died at the vet clinic.  She probably should have died even after she got to our farm.  There was never a tougher sheep.

I think she must have had a huge heart.  And a lion's share of courage.  So many of us worked together to care for her as she saved herself and I know none of us will ever be the same.   I know I never thought I'd be able to do the things I had to do to care for her in those early days. Roar!

I hope anyone who didn't know Renny will stumble across her for years to come and learn from her that we can live through and do way more than we think we can.  That if you can just hold on a little longer, you might get pulled out from the mud, your wounded legs heal and the rest of your life be spent surrounded by friends.

Renny had been declining all summer.  I knew it was coming.  Her body was worn out.  Still, I was not prepared for her collapse yesterday morning.  As I sat with her, her head on my lap, both PPPP and Billy Belly came over to see her.  They knew what was coming as well.

It will be okay...eventually.

If you need to stumble across Renny's story, here are a few links.


Lisa said...

Once again, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I was once asked how I found the strength to come back after adversity after adversity. The simple truth is that I didn't have any other choice. I can only hope when I can no longer come back I have someone like you there to sit with me to the end. You have blessed each other.

Cathy D. said...

Sara, I am crying with you as I type this. I am so very sorry to hear this news. I will never forget brave Renny. I will probably still be telling her story in the old folks home. And faithful Eli, I miss him already. Handsome Hershey too.
These 3 souls had such big lives, extending way beyond your barn and pasture. We’re so blessed when they come into our lives and decide to form a bond with us. I always think they give so much more than they get. But it sure makes it heartbreaking when their time is done.
And you share them with us and we share the heartbreak. Thank you.
Hugs to all.

Grey Horse Matters said...

So sorry again to hear about Renny. She was a very special girl with a lot of willpower to survive all she did. I can’t imagine how much she loved you all for saving her so she could have the wonderful life she deserved with people who loved her. She will be missed but her spirit will live on in fond memories or her.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, dear. I'll come back today and read her story.

Far Side of Fifty said...

She has such a wonderful story of strength, she is your story too all intertwined...I am so sorry her story has ended. You have had a bad bad bad few days.

Shirley said...

Oh Renny - The Most Inspiring Sheep Ever. She was blessed to spend her life at your farm where she was loved so fiercely.

Kylie said...

No words, Sara. The connection I've felt to your farm and your woolly friends has been so strong. Renny was always, always one of "my favorite sheep". Sweet, tough, inspirational girl. What a gift of life you were able to give her. So so glad she had you and her friends until the end.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm so glad she had you and your farm. I'm so glad I got to know Renny. She was a very special sheep. I am so incrediable sad and grateful I got to know Renny.


Nburrill said...

So glad Renny got to live the rest of her life with you, so sad that you had to say goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Hell's Bells......yes crying and I know know know all that you do for them and so prayers for you. Me

Christine Byrne said...

No, not Renny. :( Damn it. (tears) I’m so sorry.

Donna said...

How incredibly sad.


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