Thursday, May 9, 2019

Who Knows...

I'm not sure what Maisie did today, but I saw three separate sheep punch her this evening while I was sitting in Easy Breezy.  My first thought was that it was my fault because I'd called to her and she was encroaching on someone's "spot" at the back of the stall, but she got punched at the back, middle and front of the outer knows...

At least she's got Hank ;-).


  1. Always good to have at least one friend in your corner -

  2. I didn't know sheep could pack a punch and retaliate. Poor Maisie. At least she got Hank, he's a good guy to have on your side.

  3. Thank Heavens for friends!

  4. Hank has a could be a song:)

  5. If I needed a friend I would choose a Pyr boy. My boys have all been love bugs. Good choice Maisie.

  6. Maybe they are getting their punches in while they can in anticipation of Maisie's "moods." 😄😂😇😇😅


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