Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Fast Food

This nest is on the corner of the Wool House and was actually built last year and remodeled for this year.  Look at all the wool and yarn :-).  

I'm not sure how momma birds do it.  All those open mouths.  I guess they are able to somehow keep track of who's been fed each trip.  It looks like she might have fed half of the worm to one baby and the other half to another.  I didn't notice that until I looked at the pictures.

In and back out in a flash!


  1. What great shots, Sara – especially the first one!

  2. That's great! And I love seeing the wool in the nest. I also used to like seeing the horse hair in the nests in/by the barn growing up. They use what's available.

    1. My favorites are the ones with some horse hair and tiny flowers and mosses :-).

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  4. This is Auntie Reg Trying to add a comment. Well the comment is- wonderful photo. Wish this could be entered in a bird photo contest.

  5. That is quite a family to keep fed. I hope the father bird helps with this mob. Great photos!

  6. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent photos!

  7. Great photos!! Cell phone camera?

  8. what fantastic photos!! you were in the right place at the right time!!


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