Wednesday, May 29, 2019

It's Going To Take More Than A Couple Weeks

I've been told the only difference between a good haircut and a bad about two weeks.  I think these are going to take a bit longer.  When the majority of the flock was shorn back in March, we didn't shear the oldest sheep.  If you are frail and thin or not super mobile, you shouldn't have to work hard to stay warm until the weather breaks.  

The weather has broken.  Or is broken.  It was 90 yesterday.  In May.  That extra wool needed to come off.  I managed to get Ewen, Woolliam and  PPPP sheared...and only had to call the vet once. Needless to say I'm not going to quit my day job and start shearing sheep anytime soon.  Or any time.  

PPPP doesn't look too bad.

Well, relatively speaking...

A little Biscuit and Muffin break midway through :-).

Kate nervously watching yet another storm headed our way.

"Rebecca Boone.  I'm trying to take a picture of Ewen."


Handsome Ewen

"She snipped me under my jaw and to make matters worse, because it's summer and fly season, she called the vet out and she put six staples in on top of it."

"I"m sorry, Big Wool :-(."

By this point it was raining hard so I sat down with everyone to wait it out.  You can tell by Kate's ears (glued to her head) that she wasn't enjoying the storm break as much as I was.


Michelle said...

Good job! Well, not on the extra snip-snip. I only got ONE sheared today....

Linda said...

I am sure they appreciate your kind and gentle hand. Even if you did give William a bit of a close shave :D

Linda said...

Wooliam! Damned auto correct.

Terry and Linda said...

A cool down is really nice when the weather is over the top hot

Judy said...

90 degrees? Yikes. I hope it cools down for you soon. I would think that shearing a sheep would be quite hard, with them wiggling around, the skin moving, and you having to hold on to them at the same time you're clipping them. That sounds like a good workout, for sure!

Cheryl West said...

You do your very best in caring for your sheep. I'm sure they must feel so much better during your hot weather.
Do sheep like ice cream? A good treat while you wait out the thunderstorms.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you cool off...poor Wooliam...I hope he forgives you...maybe some Cheerios! Cooler sheep is a good thing:) Poor kate...she might need a thunder wrap have you seen them...just a wrap tightly around their main body:)

I need orange said...

Luckily shearing is only a contest if you drive somewhere and pay someone to judge you. :-) I know they feel better with less insulation.


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