Friday, May 10, 2019


...there's obviously a shortage of grass in this field.  Boys...

There is obviously plenty of grass here.  So much so that I have spent much of this week sitting on a tractor or mower, trying to get back on top of it.  I am So Excited by the thought of another inch or two of rain forecast for this weekend :-o.  The obvious answer is I need more sheep, right?  Right.

I have no idea why Daniel and Baaxter are trying to eat the same piece of grass, but I love the dark gray stripe down Baaxter's back. I haven't skirted his fleece yet to see if the stripe shows through. To be honest I haven't skirted any fleeces yet...and the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is NEXT WEEKEND.

So guess what I'll be doing this weekend ;-).


  1. Well, at least the rain will give you a good excuse to stay inside and skirt those fleeces!

  2. Definitely more sheep to keep those fields mown and neat.

  3. I love the dark strip also. I hope it shows up later

  4. Boys! Be they ovine,bovine,caprine or canines . Will be boys logical reasoning as nothing to do with it 😂

  5. They want the same piece of grass because it's the best piece! Silly human.

  6. Wish I were close enough to drop by and help with the skirting. Though maybe I would just slow things down, with the oohing and aahing...... :-)


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