Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Old Friends

I wanted to add Ewen McTeagle and Woolliam to the "easy breezy" paddock.  Allie was doing really well in there, even getting out to graze some, so I knew if I could talk the boys into moving they'd be happy.  

Well, they weren't.  The two grumpy old men who have always slept in the back of the inside stall were absolutely Not Happy that they were now being forced to sleep in the front of the outside stall.  I had to lock them in there the first night.

The next morning (yesterday), when they only had to walk a few steps to the breakfast bar and could just step out the door to graze, they started to come around ;-).  This is what I found when I headed back out after dinner this evening.

Woolliam and Ewen would normally already be tucked deep into the barn, missing out on a nice evening outdoors.  Allie, too, but she'd be more to the front...and yelling at everyone to come in with her.  They all have to be happier outside on a nice evening.  I know I was happy to see them out there :-).


Far Side of Fifty said...

:0 They need cookies to completely adjust! :)

LannieK said...

'Why didn't she move us here a long time ago!'

Terry and Linda said...

Nothing nicer than a soft evening in cool grass in the lovely shade!

sophy0075 said...

They objected because the idea wasn’t originally theirs.

And yes, I’m sure the offer of cookies would be eagerly accepted.

Claire MW said...

I sure do envy your pasture spaces. My sheep are still in the woods and even though some trees have come down, there is no grass. Hay year round here. Sigh.


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