Tuesday, October 25, 2016


As soon as a gate is opened, any gate, but preferably one out to a field the flock hasn't been in for awhile, everyone comes running.  Even sheep who really can't run anymore.  This is Big Excitement in sheepland!  

Yesterday was Integration Day for the two "boys".  We need to use their paddock to park cars Saturday and they were ready anyway.  Both had started sleeping outside the barn next to the two gates into the main barn at night.


Chocula has the jump and run down pat, but somehow Clover Belly got out ahead of him this time. That's Levi making a quick getaway in the foreground. 

Baby Belly, Daniel and Buddy.  The group charge is always cheered on by Buddy yelling at the top of his lungs.  This is also how I know if an Unscheduled Charge is taking place.  Buddy is always the very most excited...much to escapees chagrin ;-).

Lila and Renny

Now Boudreaux and Woolliam

Allie and PPPP, under the shade cloth.  Buddy, out front, didn't get very far before he started chowing down.

Maisie and Hershey, bringing up the rear.  Usually Maisie is out front.  She must have gotten stuck in a traffic jam ;-).

No  one got very far.  And they were far too interested in all that green grass to even think about the two boys.  I always like to integrate the main flock into the new sheep's area.  Not only does the main group have more interest in the fresh grass, but the new sheep know the 'lay of the land' and are more confident in familiar surroundings.

And interestingly, Bullwinkle had lived with the main flock for at least a month or two before Levi got here, right?  I know I have pictures of him with B. Willard and Petunia.  See, this is why I shouldn't have slacked off on the blog over the summer.  Bad records.  Anyway, Levi marched right over to the big group, but Bullwinkle stayed back out of the fray for quite a while.  When did Mr. Bossy get so bashful?

And to answer the earlier question about Kate...I was sitting on the Wool House porch knitting. Knitting!  Cooking I can understand.  Anything involving sharp knives or possibly burning the house down, sure!  Spinning I sort of get, too.   Your tail could get squished under a treadle or your pointy nose bumped in the turning wheels.  Knitting?  You're going to go sit under a tree, not able to bear watching me knit???

Sadly, she's probably pretty smart.  I was sitting there happily knitting away on the re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-start of the Renny sweater, thinking all was well.  I was knitting both sleeves at the same time and they were the same tension and same size.  I had over-dyed some of the pink yarn to a more fall color that I really liked.  I was plotting my next Yarn Along post sharing my great successes......

I still think the gauge is not good.  On the size 6 needles I think it's just too tight dense inelastic wrong.  I didn't really like the gauge on the size 7 needles any better though.  What am I going to do? I haven't wet blocked a size 7 sample.  I guess that should probably be my first step.  Although at this point I think I might join Kate under the tree :-/.

*     *     *     *     *

The winner of the second giveaway is Renee :-D.  Send me your mailing information and which calendar you'd like!  I'll post the final winner tomorrow.  I'm thoroughly enjoying reading about everyone's favorite blog posts!  Blogging is a ton of work and it's so nice to know it's appreciated :-).


Jenny Glen said...

I wonder if Kate doesn't like to watch you knit because if you make a mistake you get upset. Does that happen very often? My dogs keep a wide birth from me when I'm paying bills ha ha!

I need orange said...

Surely you don't say bad things when the knitting goes wrong? I mean *I* would, but.... ? :-) :-) :-)

My corgi boy was afraid of the computer's printer, because any time I turned it on, I would end up yelling at it...............

Printer on meant dog gone.......................

So I guess he wasn't exactly afraid *of the printer* -- just of the result of turning it on.

He was also "afraid of flies in the house" because he knew they would get whacked, and he really was NOT ok with whacking. As far as I know, no one ever even threatened him with a flyswatter (let alone whacked him), but if he saw a flyswatter, even without having heard the fly ahead of time, he was gone. Upstairs to hide.............

Far Side of Fifty said...

Chance used to be afraid of our old printer...but not the newer ones...must have been the sound.
Who knows what lurks in a BC's mind, perhaps you bathed her right after knitting...if you think hard you might find a connection...or not :)

sophy0075 said...

Flying sheep- who'd have thought? Shy Bullwinkle?- ditto? Maisie in the rear? Wow, this must be a Cubs year!

Terry and Linda said...

It is nice! I love each one of your sheeps!!


LannieK said...

Great photos! They are all such characters :-) Can't believe Kate is "afraid" of knitting ~ It must be your knitting oh so fast, flying fingers!

Jo said...

Oh Wow, Buddy seems such a character. I'm amazed that Maisie is so big already. Thanks for this amazing post of your beautiful babies. Greetings Jo


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