Monday, October 3, 2016

All Creatures Great And Small

I am frantically trying to get everything ready for the Kentucky Wool Festival this weekend, so I'm  obviously sadly not doing any knitting, but I am listening to some good books while I work.

I'm quite sure I'll not have a Yarn Along post this week, so I thought I'd let these yard spiders cover for me Wednesday, but then I found out that today marks the 100th birthday of everyone's favorite author, James Herriot.

Just like every day should be your birthday or anniversary or Thanksgiving or Christmas..., Mondays can just as well be a Yarn Along day, especially if you have amazing spider webs and a good book (or a whole wonderful series) to share.

There's a part of me that still can't believe we made it to fall.  Whew, what a summer.

Listening to and celebrating All Creatures Great and Small.  Very small.  Although we did have some amazing writing spiders last month who were taking down grasshoppers big enough that I told Tilly she'd better watch her step out there! ;-)


  1. I hope we never have another summer like this past one. It was oppressive. But you can just imagine being covered in wool. Ick.

    I should put the Kentucky Wool Fest on my list of ones to visit.

  2. I promise you it's worth the trip!

  3. Love his books.
    Isn't it funny how all of a sudden the yard is just covered with those little webs? We have them here too.

  4. love the photos - esp that last one!

  5. You take such great pics of spiderwebs! Thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

  6. Love your webs...we don't get them here. Not like that anyway.


  7. Lots of Spinzilla participants on your farm!

    Good luck to you with your upcoming festival.

    1. Thanks! I'm so bummed I'm missing Spinzilla this year :-(.

  8. I love the spider web photos, even though I am not fond of the spiders themselves!
    Good luck at the festival. I would love to make that one, sometime!

  9. have fun at the festival and I bet you are ready now :) lovely photos and that fog!!! so beautiful.

  10. Your spider webs are prettier than mine, but maybe it's because so many of mine are inside the house, so many I don't need to add fake ones for Halloween.

  11. James Herriot is one of my all time favorites. I can read and listen to his words over and over again.


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