Friday, April 29, 2016

Nothing A Little Public Shaming Couldn't Fix

"Hey Betsy."

"Hey kid."

"See?  I'm sweet.  I didn't even chase her or nothin'!"

"Hey, wait up, Betsy!  I wanna come with you!"

Nice face, Betsy.  Maybe a little more shaming is in order ;-).


  1. She hasn't quite forgiven him yet but she's not backing down either. HER turf.

  2. I've just spent the last while enjoying all your pics of lamb camp. So delightful! And sweet to see you have another kitchen lamb this year (although sad for his mama). Enjoy, they grow so fast.

  3. I don't know. The way Betsy has her ears back in the last two photos, it may well take more time. She will not be rushed.

  4. Betsy's got her tail plooofed out. And a scowl on her face. I don't think she is Amused.

  5. As the Brits would say........a face like translation for Yanks :) Snarky kitty.....she is a
    Calico after all!!

  6. What's up Betsy? You're always the Queen Kitty Caretaker of all the bottle lambies...
    (green grass looks so inviting right now ~ it's snowing like crazy here)


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