Thursday, April 28, 2016

Claire Bear's Little Henchman?

This is going to require some back story as well.  Betsy.  None of the cats like Betsy.  They never have.  In fact, after all these years, it's still a shock to see three of the four cats together on the porch and no one chasing Betsy, especially Claire Bear.

While in the past Betsy has gone out of her way to take care of baby lambs, she has no affinity for Bullwinkle.  Not even a curious passing glance.  Claire Bear (black cat you seldom see on the blog...or anywhere actually) has never had any affinity for any baby lambs...until Bullwinkle.

Heck, Claire Bear doesn't even seem to have any affinity for the porch on a normal day and here she is sharing a dog bed on the porch with Bullwinkle...while Betsy looks on...from Bullwinkle's actual bed.  Comby is wisely keeping out of the middle of what can only be called Crazytown.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Bullwinkle got up and gave Betsy a couple head butts.  Actual head butts, not "hey let's play" headbutts.  That was odd.  He did it again a day or so later. Yesterday he tried to pop Comby.   A sheep that doesn't like cats?!?

Comby isn't taking any guff off anyone, so before Bullwinkle could even make contact with him, Quick Draw had his dukes up...and I'm pretty sure Bullwinkle won't make that mistake twice ;-). Still, looking back at this picture...I'm kind of wondering if we have a little thug on our hands ;-o.

"Who ya callin' a thug, lady!"

"This is my mean face!  Claire Bear taught it to me."

I'm pretty sure anyone with pink ears and a cute freckly nose with a funny cowlick sending hair every which direction can't be a thug...unless he's gone over to the dark (black cat) side.  Nah, he's a sweetie.  And a good sport.  Especially if there are babas involved ;-).


  1. This will be interesting to see how it plays out. Who animals like s funny....our Chocolate Turkeys' Spike and Trainwreck hate the roosters...not all Roosters but the Buffs who are mean to the hens. You will see two toms with golden hens all around.
    Bullwinkle obviously has merit for Claire bear!

  2. Love that picture with the 3 cats and the lambie now known as 'Bully' - wow, was that a surprise to see them all hanging out there.

  3. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

  4. The look on Comby's face is priceless.

    1. I agree - SO long suffering :-)

  5. Oh my goodness, laughing! The perfect thing to read before bedtime!

  6. Looking at the recent video of Shepherd Life's four little boy Soay lambs knocking heads already, I suspect it might just be a boy thing. Cats will do if there are no other lambs about. :)

  7. I do love this photo with all the cats and Bullwinkle. He must be very special for Claire Bear to take notice. And dear Comby just goes with the flow.

  8. Kindred spirit to Claire Bear? Maybe Bully is a good nickname for him :o)
    Don't let him watch any gangster movies.

  9. Almost choked laughing reading this one......who knew?

  10. Interesting dynamics. Such a peaceful scene, yet so many undercurrents at the same time. Can't wait to hear more!

  11. ermergerd... It's the cutest ones who have the devil inside!

  12. I wonder when his name will be shortened to Bully:)


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