Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lambie Love

Who does this look like?  

"Just checking on you, sweet lambie."

Final Frontier Farm, Paris, Kentucky


  1. Its always such fun to see the newest Lamb Camp Photos, Mothers are Mothers are they not?!

  2. I could never sell one.

  3. So sweet. I agree with Mary Ann. My heart would break every time one left.

  4. Does the little freckled face lamb have an X like Baaxter on its face? I cant think of a lamb I've seen with these markings. Beautiful mom and babe captures.

  5. He or she looks a little like sweet Liddy, at least to me. :)

  6. I thought "Liddy!!" even before I read your caption.

    I love "smudgy" lambie faces. And moorit lambies. And gulmoget and katmoget, and all the other unpronounceable mogets ;) ). And cream colored lambies. And black lambies.

    Therefore, you must keep the photos coming, for poor folk like me without access to sheep farms. Throwing all the wool in my stash on top of myself just isn't the same thing.

  7. Has to be Little Liddy's cousin with those markings! Awwww, there is nothing better than Lamp Camp! How many would fit in a crv?????

  8. What does she do with all the lambs????????


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