Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On The Trail Without A Map

It's going up into the 70s today.  The sheep are hot.  I'm hot.  I'm knitting a wool sweater.  On the porch in the shade.  Not in the truck with the heater running.  Sigh...

I decided to knit a sweater of my own design.  I can follow the basics of the Maisie sweater for some of it and for the rest I'm just going to knit on with confidence (or stupidity) and give it my best shot. "It's only knitting" I told myself...before it became a bit more personal.  I'll share about that tomorrow, but for now I need to get back to knitting.    


  1. Loooooooooooooooove your snow shots! Very nice.

    Just walked over to the jr. high to vote. In shirtsleeves. Tshirt sleeves. That's just wrong, on the 8th of March..................

    Sending good thoughts that the sweater behave itself!

  2. "knit on with confidence (or stupidity)" sounds like what I do, LOL!

  3. We hit 68 today and I LOVED IT. It's almost 6:30 and it's still 59. Yay!

  4. Your place in the snow...no wonder you love winter so much.

  5. Oh dear, I hope that hint doesn't refer to something bad with Baaxter..... :-/

    1. No! He's fine...well, ornery as ever ;-).

  6. I love snow photos much, *much* more than snow! Yours are delightful.

    You always have a sweater pattern- it's called "your body". As long as you aren't striving for zero or negative ease and set in sleeves without a bulge of fabric, you'll be ok.besides, you can throw in a lifeline at the potentially tricky parts (I like a shallower armhole, so I use cauion there). I have faith in you!

  7. Good lucky. Our snow is GONE! GONE! GONE! We are way past the mud season and I'm working in the dirt!



  8. Beautiful photos! Sorry about the 70° days ~ it will make it difficult mushing on the trails. But you are making great progress on your sweater!

  9. Keep track of what you are doing just incase it turns out wonderful! :)

  10. Sorry about the too warm weather for March! I love your snow photos though, as it looks so white and peaceful. Best wishes on your sweater, sometimes it seems like with knitting that it should be easy and then it's not ;-)


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