Saturday, March 5, 2016

Are You Ready For Some Iknitarod?

I'm terribly sad about our forecast for 70 degree days next week. I'm just not ready for spring and it's Iknitarod time for crying out loud. I always get snow for at least some part of the Iknitarod...but it sure isn't looking like it for this year :-/.  

We had a chance of snow/rain mix for Thursday and when I saw a few flakes coming down while I was doing morning chores, I thought, well, at least I can pull my swatch out and get a picture of that part of the Iknitarod.  And then it stopped snowing.  Great...  But then it started back up a couple hours later so I quickly grabbed my swatch yarn and set up a "snow" photo.

Flurries are better than nothing!

It wasn't really a white out behind the barn.  The photo is just over exposed trying to compensate for the darkness of the barn.  

In just a few minutes, the flurries were starting to pile up.  There just may be a little Iknitarod magic after all!  

I took some pictures of the horses, the sheep, the chickens and then I brought the yarn (and myself) in to dry off.

Toasty in  front of the fire.

I knit further on the swatch, did some measuring and by then the snow was really starting to pile up.

One more snow picture because this will probably be the only snow this yarn sees until next winter.  My positive attitude ;-).   

Look at the snow!  Baaxter's eating some off the gate.  It was melting almost as fast as it was falling, but what a snow it was!  I'd guess we probably got 10" or so in total.  Seriously!  It was snowing big clumps of snow flakes stuck together like snowballs from heaven.  

I took tons of pictures (including my new all time favorite picture!) and videos and will save them to share during the 70 degree days of the Iknitarod next week.  

Baaxter's "official" Iknitarod snow picture.  Nice face, Baby B.  

I once again signed up for the Iditarod Insider so I could overrun my allotted bandwidth watch the ceremonial start today and thoroughly enjoyed seeing my favorite mushers and meeting some new ones.  While doing that I cast on both sleeves.  My goal for tonight is to have the ribbing for both finished.

And so it begins!


  1. And here I am, postponing my start by spinning and doing some natural dyeing. That's the problem with working on WIPs -- just not very excited about them this year. But I will start tonight!

  2. Oh that is some lovely snow! I'm hoping that your knitting runs swift and true. I love watching you knit the Iknitirod. Here's hoping Baxter takes it easy on you.

  3. Mush on crazysnowlady.
    (How did my paint covered chair find its way to your place??)

    1. It's my favorite chair :-). You have a matching one?

    2. an almost exact match

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  5. Mush!!!!! And.... you're ahead by a two arms length!

  6. Oh, Baaxter! Enjoying your snow candy!!

    I wish it would only be 70° this week. Thursday is climbing to 80. With typical Savannah humidity. I will be outside knitting in shorts and a tee. Or a swimsuit. It's not even officially the end of winter, but in true Georgia style, we've jumped to summer. I'm blaming all of the politicians' hot air.

  7. What lovely snow and 10 inches of it, woohoo!! That's a great photo of Baxter, I showed it to my husband and we were laughing at B's expression. Enjoy your spinning/knitting projects :-)

  8. How did I NOT know about the Iknitarod????

  9. WOW! SNOW! Lots and lots of snow!


  10. Beautiful snow! BB is going be awesome on the Trail! (don't tel MM I said that, please...)
    Mush on!!!

  11. I am looking forward to warmer temps this week! I am done with winter :)
    Happy Knitting!

  12. Oh, 10" !!! I'm looking at rain and wind for a week...don't have to shovel it though! Great pictures.
    Go BAAXTER!! and you too Sara :)

  13. And, you're off!!! Do you know how much I love this post? Beautiful snow. GORGEOUS yarn. And Baaxter! Oh, I love Baaxter! :)

  14. That 2nd picture of all the sheep is gorgeous!!

  15. Snow good for you!! You are off to a great start! :)

  16. Great snow pics! Which sweater did you decide on?


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