Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Must Be Something In The Air

Liddy wasn't the only sheep (yes, she is a sheep...sometimes ;-) looking to do some Kung Fu Fighting the other day.  When everyone had stayed out as long as they felt was necessary and decided it was time to go in, they went in at speed.

And elevation.  That's Woody celebrating Leap Day early.

Hershey's stopping to mix it up with someone???

Oh, that's more like it.  Hershey's an eater, not a fighter ;-).  Chocula is the leaper in the center.  That boy loves to jump and he's got some hops!

And away they go.

Or at least most of them.  B. Willard and Baaxter stop to duke it out.

But not for long.

Oh wait, it's not over.

Oh, it's far from over!


  1. I can comment! I love to watch the different personalities rassling. It's like watching well-padded bumper cars!

  2. Ahh your sheep are just so much fun....and don't they always do things mostly in a group!

  3. Hey do you smell that? Spring it is coming! Now get over here and let me knock you in the head.

    I love the jumping sheep shots.

  4. Love seeing the leapers!

  5. Laughing... it truly is spring!

  6. I love to see the grown-ups leaping.They know the grass will be greening up soon.

  7. It's a perfect day for feeling their oats, er... grass. Or just to act a little squirrely.

  8. Leaping lizards....er, sheepies! That is great that you caught them at it!!


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