Friday, March 11, 2016

Note To Self

If your knitting bag is made from a feed sack...

...don't take it in the field for a sheep shot :-o.

Baaxter got about 3 seconds to see his sweater.

"We just wanted to, um, look at it."

"What were you thinking?"

Much safer to hang out in Del Boca Vista for the afternoon - this was actually Wednesday.  I spent too much time visiting with the sheep and taking pictures and didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but still felt okay about things.

Yesterday I got caught in some tough trail with rows and rows of "purl through the back loop" that made me think of the mushers crossing The Burn.  I still hoped to finish both sleeves last night, but got off trail and did a bunch of fun "purl through the back loops" on the wrong sleeve (!) and had to back track and re-start.  

I don't think I'm mathematically out of the race yet, but I really need to have a couple of good knitting days to catch up.  Here's a trail shot from the end of the day Wednesday. 

And some snow shots from last Thursday.

Sweet Liddy is definitely her momma's girl.

We both like to play in the snow :-).


  1. love, love, love. your pictures make my day.

  2. Love the snow shots.

  3. Another thing we have in common - purl thru back loop phobia. Although I have gotten much better at it after the recent cabled/leafy/lacy shawl. There's nothing like forcing yourself to do it to make something easier the next time. Liddy is beautiful in the snow :-)

  4. That's a great use of a feed bag. I love those snow photos! :)

  5. I burst out laughing when I saw this post...Ralph asked e what was up and he laughed out loud when he heard.....

  6. Your snow shots are just perfection.

  7. Love the snow captures.... They are timeless 😍

  8. Just looking for treats in that bag. I love all the photos especially Hank and Liddy in the snow. Have a good knitting day.

  9. Ok, so I *should* be knitting away on my Iditarod project, right? No, I'm engaging in yarn porn. It's so bleeping warm here (in the 80s - sheesh!) that I'm thinking maybe a sleeveless top in Lyonesse 4 ply. This is not getting my Iditarod project done. Or the cotton/silk DK tunic whose sleeves need knitting. Or the lonely green sock...

    More snow photos, please. I want something cool to look at, now that our heat and humidity are cranking up for their seven month run.

  10. Oh my goodness... the snow pictures! I hope it is gone now, and hope it was the last! On the other hand, we are getting much needed slow rain here today!

  11. Snow pics wonderful! I walked in snow on Wed. AM and in pouring rain on Thurs AM...
    Sheep examining your work, very funny. For us, close one for you!

  12. OMGosh, what a striking pic of Bea in the snow - I would definitely FRAME that one!


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