Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I pretty much beat my head against the wall all weekend (and it was a long weekend to boot! :-o). 

Last week I read about the Hole and Sons Mystery Knitalong (MKAL) on Ginny's Yarnalong blog . It's a super neat project and I really want to join in a. to show my support for small batch yarns grown on small farms by responsible shepherds b. I haven't knit anything since the Maisie sweater and I was getting a little itchy.

The Hole and Sons yarn all sold out pretty much immediately.  Even the second batch!  They were kind enough to post a list of possible substitute yarns and I toyed with some of those, but a. knew I had Rebecca Boone's yarn sitting here looking for a job  and b. if I want to support a local small farm, I have two excellent sources just a phone call away.  

I could go on for about 6 pages on what all happened next and next and next (over the long weekend), but a. I'm boring even myself at this point (although a couple parts are sort of funny...especially if you've seen Talladega Nights) and b. I've made myself even further behind then I already was.  I'll just share a brief reprieve from the craziness.

Liddy/Liddle/Toodles is just - I almost hate to say this out loud - the most darling, bestest, cutest , smartest lambie ever.  Right by my side, even with a trip to The Woolery on Saturday!  She stayed with me through all the yarn mania and while working on the Wool House porch yesterday I heard her tap tap tap steps stop.  I looked over to see what she was doing...

"Is there a lambie in there???"

Or maybe she knew it was her own reflection. Most lambs do eventually see themselves like this, but she stared so intently and for so long that honestly, I would not be surprised if she figured out she was seeing herself.  Or maybe she was just wishing she had a lamb friend to play with instead of her crazy mom.


  1. Precious baby!! How did you train her to go shopping with you and behave?

  2. Good thing she is a good baby you have had a busy spring! I am certain she wants that other beautiful lambie to come out and play:)

  3. Aw, wistful lambie looking for a friend. Or maybe she does know it's her reflection. Wouldn't you love to know for sure what she was thinking....?

  4. Oh! so cute!

  5. Shop til you drop....getting her into bad habits :) Is she really the BEST of the BEST???

  6. Cute but PLEASE do not let Maise hear you!

  7. That is such a sweet picture of Liddy peering into the glass! I can just imagine how cute she is when she knows it's time for a road trip; you've described it so well. I think all LYS's should have a policy of "Lambs Welcome"! Wouldn't it be so nice if she could stay this size for a long time? Think of the fun adventures you could have with her!

  8. Awwww... I just want to hug her! What a sweetheart!!!


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