Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Somewhat Comprehensive List Of Things Liddy Will Eat

Tortilla chips
Soft taco shells
Fried okra
Ice cube chips
Corn Flakes
Saltine crackers
Vanilla Wafers
Four leaf clovers*
Three leaf clovers*
Dandelion leaves*
Redbud leaves**

  *Only if you hand feed them to her while she sits on your lap.
**She eats those, and all special treats, standing on my feet.  Ridiculously cute!

Liddy is one of the smartest lambs we've had.  She does amazing things like negotiating how to get around a gate (we've had dogs that couldn't figure that out!), when we are going somewhere, she goes and stands by the truck door and is now even putting her feet up on the running boards, she almost always goes into her kennel crate to pee and once I had to wait for her to get in the truck because she wanted to pee first.  Uncannily smart!

One thing she's had trouble with from the start though is eating.  Go back and look at the list.  Do you see sheep food, grass, hay on that list?  Yeah...  And sure, you can say she's just spoiled (see note about hand feeding) but all of my lambs are spoiled.   And they all quickly figure out how to eat. Most will sleep through the night by one week old.  Liddy is still waking me up anywhere from 2:30 to 4:00 a.m. because she's hungry...and has a bowl of food and hay right next to her.

I've tried a couple different types of hay and yesterday I broke down and bought a bale of fancy alfalfa/grass mix hay from TSC.  Designer hay brought in from out west.  $17.49 a bale.  She had great fun eating the plastic wrap.  Guess I should add that to the list. I'd normally insert one of my (probably annoying smiley faces here, but after almost five weeks of not getting a full night's's really not that smiley ;-).

Note: it's (obviously) really not a good idea to feed sheep all these weird sorts of things. Mostly we know she eats these because she's stolen them right off our a dog.  The other stuff...well, see note about her standing on my shoes.  She's smart I tells ya' ;-).


  1. Love love love her to pieces! She reminds me how cute and smart lambs are... while my own are showing me how difficult and devilish they can be. I'll trade you one Snowball for one Liddy!

  2. Margaritas! LOL! Did she squinch up her face because it was sour? LOL!

    1. No! She came back for a second "sniff" and started slurping it down :-o.

  3. Well, she certainly is a full bodied, lovely girl! With a discerning palate, apparently. Interesting...especially the Margaritas...with salt on the rim? :)

  4. Hmmmm looks as though Liddy has her own version of the See-Food Diet and she has quite the stunning figure to prove it!

  5. Margaritas? Maybe she and I are related :)

  6. Liddy is getting so big. . . . I'll bet you wish you could just freeze her at this size for at least a year or two (once she masters sleeping through the night!). If she doesn't learn to eat lamb food soon will you have to practice "tough love"? The thought of withholding all people food and only providing lamb food sounds so harsh, but is that what you'll have to do as a last resort? I hope she catches on soon, and I hope you get a good night's sleep soon!

  7. She doesn't look stunted.... ;-)

  8. C'mon Liddy, you have to eat real sheep food so you can grow up big and make beautiful fleece!

  9. But she is the cutest lamb I've ever seen! :-))

  10. Her expression in the last pic just kills me! She has such a soft, sweet face.

  11. Margaritas! Virgin, I hope! That, and the fried okra, tortillas, tacos, cornbread and biscuits tell me she must be Southern. Gracious, don't let her near a Twinkie (especially a fried one). And don't let Maisie tell her that wire is a delicious thing to eat...
    Seriously, you have my sympathies. My dog eats the cats' food, and the cats wrangle over the dog food. I have a cat who decided toast was her breakfast of choice. Is there something in the air which makes these animals so confused - or are we watching too many Food Network shows?

  12. Nibblin' on alfalfa grass, watching the sun go past
    All those other sheep eat boring grass
    I've got the best mom, we're on the front porch
    She's just dreamin' 'bout sleepin' all night...
    Waisting away again in....
    :::fried okra~ really!?!:::

  13. Now that is one confused/smart lamb! Of course she eats from your hand/lap/plate........because you let her........hahaha
    Not like I wouldn't be just as lenient/BAD but please, NO bailing twine ! She is gorgeous!

  14. The internet just came back on at my house, so I'm just now getting caught up...

    Liddy sounds like Mira. She didn't sleep through the night until she was almost two months old, and was at least six or seven weeks old before she started eating grass. She didn't get the hang of grazing until I started leaving her out with the others by herself. This bottle lamb business is hard work!

  15. I had a bottle lamb like Liddy last year. She grew up to be a smart ewe as well. She is currently awaiting the birth of her first lamb. I'm glad l chose her b/c on a commercial farm the smart ones usuaĺly are labelled trouble makers and get eaten first. She has a wonderl fleece for a Suffolk x Clun and l can't wait to see what crossing her to my Shetland ram will do to her offsprings fleece.


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