Saturday, May 9, 2015

Headed Off To Summer Camp

T-Bone and Hickory have enjoyed having cousin Talk here for the school semester.  Talk's mom, who was also Hickory's mom, is finishing up her degree at the University of Kentucky.  She and Talk left this morning, headed back to New York for the summer.  

Paige will be directing and teaching at the Houghton College Equestrian Summer Camp.  I learned so much from riding with her this winter (until she really screwed up the weather ;-) that I wish I was going to riding camp!  Lamb camp is just as good :-).

We met them three or so years ago through one of our favorite blogging friends, Lori, of The Skoog Farm Journal.  Isn't it fun how we all get connected through a little box that sits on our desks :-).

Have a great summer, Paige!  


Alice said...

Did Hickory become an honor student?

Shirley said...

I have a lot of blog friends I'd like to connect with in real time! You included!

Lori Skoog said...

Sara, I'm sure you two will keep in touch during her entire ride home. Talk will be coming back, right? What time should she get up here? It sure was a pleasure to meet you in person, not to mention getting to know Saint Tim and Reg. Look forward to all of you coming back to the farm for a visit....and bring Reg's husband. Ironic that I knew of Paige before you were introduced to Hickory and it all worked out.

Ruth said...

Beautiful photo! :)

Auntie Reg said...

We have enjoyed meeting Paige.. She is a energetic young women. It is a pleasure to see a young person interested in agriculture and adventurous learning to eat crawfish! Did she really bite off the ......?


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