Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Night Check

I love watching the sheep in the barn at night.  My last view as I get ready to turn off the lights.  The boys in the front part and the big kids on the other side of the gate divider.

"Everybody take care of each other."


Alice said...

"Good night, stars. Good night, air.
Good night, noises everywhere."

Sweet dreams :-)

Spinners End Farm said...

This makes me homesick for our woolies! ( we are away).

Lady Locust said...

What a serene picture. Beautiful.

LannieK said...

Kinda like cats.
So peaceful... until the morning light :-)
(that scene has to help you sleep)

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Nite, nite
Sleep tight
Don't let the
Bed bugs bite!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Peaceful looking photo:)

Leslie said...

If softly falling snow was visible at the end of the barn, it would be a perfect Christmas card photo.

karen said...

....and to all a good night :) Lovely peaceful moment!

Miha Giustina said...

Agree with Karen. What a lovely and peaceful moment.

Valerie said...

What a lovely peaceful picture. I will love thinking about this, tonight as I go to sleep. =)
Blessings sweet friend,

Lisa W said...

This one made me smile. So peaceful.

So where do you sleep when you have to be out there at night -- I think it happened with Baaxter once in the last month or so?

fjord girl said...

Looks like such a warm and cozy home for the sheep, beautiful evening light in the barn.


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