Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keep Calm

And hug a sheep.  I've seen all the cute Keep Calm stuff on Pinterest and thought, well, what's the best way to keep calm?  Yep, hug a sheep :-).

This fall is just flying by.  Hug a Sheep Day will be here before I know it.  We are once again hosting an open farm day and Graham is already staring through the gate looking for his cookies and hugs.  We've had a little talk about ripping peoples clothes off manners and he promises to try to be good.

Hug a Sheep Day at Equinox Farm will be on October 27th from 1:00 to 4:00.   Let's hope for good weather, but I have a feeling we might all be wearing wool this year...which is nice :-).  Pouring rain, however, is not and would cause a lot of problems, so let's just not even think about that for now.

You are welcome to just come out and hug a few sheep (we'll have a pen of friendly, mostly well behaved sheep just for that purpose :-), but we also usually have several spinners, knitters and maybe even a weaver this year scattered around the Wool House porch, yard and barn.  Bring your current project and join in for show and tell or bring a project you could use some help with.

  • And if you don't have a current project and you'd like to learn to spin, knit or weave, just ask.

  • Or bring your camera and shoot some sheep shots.  

  • Betsy loves a good party and will be happy to entertain you with her party antics.  

  • Iris would be thrilled to tell you all about her hard job trying to boss the sheep around.

  • Weaslie will follow you around like you are the greatest person in the world...if you have a cookie in your hand.

  • Want the full farm experience?  We'd be happy to hand you a weed eater or pitchfork ;-).  
Hug a Sheep Day is for everyone, near and far.  Plan your own party and if you'd like to be listed as a participant or host, go to the Hug a Sheep site and leave a comment ("We're having a farm party - everyone's invited!" or "I don't have any sheep, but I'm going to dig into my stash and find some beautiful wool yarn to hug!").

But mostly remember...everyday is a good day to hug a sheep!

Oh good grief - I hit "publish" and could hear the groans from the barn all the way to the house.  Okay, please feel free to bring the sheep treats (a box of vanilla wafers, saltine crackers, graham crackers) if you'd like.  Okay, okay!  Dog biscuits are fine too.  Yeesh.

Okay, now 20 says I should ask everyone to forward the Hug a Sheep site around (since I'm behind getting it posted :-/) to see how many people we can get hugging sheep that day.  Well, every day ;-).


thecrazysheeplady said...

Please help spread the word, especially you FaceBook users. I'm late getting started this year, but I'd love to see a bunch of sheep all over the world get extra hugs that day :-).

Christine said...

I'll ask the boss today if we can get a sign up in the barn at work. :) The Tunis and Horned Dorsets love hugs.

Lori Skoog said...

Wish I could be there.

Suzan said...

You are so gracious, opening up your farm to the world. The draw back of living in the south is that there aren't too many sheep farms!! Would be fun to plan a fall visit to your neck of the woods when I retire and give a hug to Bloosom!! Hope you continue to do this in two years!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

The sheep manager at the Wool Festival just bought a Tunis ram and had him there walking around on a lead. Quite a nice guy. I think I need one :-).

thecrazysheeplady said...

The ram was a nice guy. Well, so is Gary...never mind ;-).

small farm girl said...

Gonna try to be there! Can't wait!!!!!

Terry said...

Oh how I wish! No sheep around here. I will hug the horses on Oct 27, and maybe the neighbor's alpacas, the ones that don't spit, and pretend.

Spinners End Farm said...

We will be hugging sheep in Michigan! (We will need to keep warm anyway).

Alice said...

I'm excited to be able to come and hug my wooly and furry friends at your farm again, Sara.

Ummm.... does Tim know you want a Tuni, and/or a Sheep Manager?

cecilia said...

Oh I can just imagine what a wonderful day that will be.. WHY (read Whine) am i so far away from all the good stuff! man it is chilly this morning.. we are having an early cold snap i think.. have a great hug a sheep day.. what a wonderful idea.. c

Tombstone Livestock said...

Sounds like fun.

Strawberry Lane said...

Is it too late to hug a sheep? Sure would love to do that. Any sheep in So. Calif. Please?

Strawberry Lane said...

Thanks for inspiring my to write a post about your Hug A Sheep day. I linked to your post about this event.
Thanks for giving me memories.


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