Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Hug A Sheep Day

It was chilly, but the wind and rain held off and over 60 people came out to hug some sheep yesterday, including a neighbor who'd recently moved back "home" and told about when she was a little girl, driving sheep (on her pony) from her daddy's farm on the next road over to her uncle's farm (ours)!

We set the hugging pen up inside the barn and I stayed in there most of the time answering questions and trying to monitor cookie consumption. Much of the time though it mostly resembled the zombie apocalypse "Must have cookies.  Feed cookies.  Feed cookies now.  No cookies?  Moving on to next person."  

Luckily Amy brought her camera and got some great shots. 

I love this picture of Buddy.

Hank, watchful.

Gorgeous sweater!  Yes, the amazing Aaron.  And B. Willard.

"What, you are out of cookies?  Need more cookies.  Must have cookies."  Petunia

Double fisting it.

In the beginning Blossom tried to push her way behind my legs to hide, but it didn't take long before she was right in the middle of Feed A Sheep A Cookie Day.

The barn swing.  Always a popular spot.

And Graham Lamb, hugging and kissing his way through the day.



By the cookie apocalypse.


Not only does Amy take beautiful photographs, but she's an amazing harpist too.  She played in the Wool House most of the afternoon and folks that stepped in to warm up didn't come back out for a long time.  I hope this link will work, but if not, definitely check back.  She wrote a song for Handy.  

Everyone here enjoyed Hug a Sheep Day and we're all looking forward to the next one...aka as every day!  Hope you enjoyed your day as well :-).


  1. Amazing. Very touching.

    Harp music? Sweet, hugging sheep? Good friends? Cookies? Sounds like a winner of a day to me.

  2. Lovely Sara! One of these days we will set up a hug a sheep day at our farm to carry on your tradition up north....maybe next year...we will have some new and friendly lambs then! We did content ourselves to hugging some sheep here and humming with the alpacas.

    I would love a virtual tour of your wool house some is so beautiful. Amy seems like a great person to have around!

  3. We had fun!!!! But we always do when we hug sheep!!! :) Thanks for the invite!

  4. Simply, simply beautiful.


  5. Oh my....I would have loved to come and hug sheep all day long!!!!!

  6. Goodness Gracious - Where do I begin? Precious picture with Blossom standing behind you so shy and lovely photo of the red head sharing w/ Graham. Amy is so very talented with her song for Handy. My Dad was in a Hospice Center his last six weeks and a Harpest would come in every Sunday to play for each patient and left her CD for them to listen if they wanted. Dad kept her music playing constantly. We felt like we were at the gates of Heaven w/ Dad.

  7. Looks like the kids enjoyed all the attention and the cookies. Where was the hot apple cider?? I waved as I passed Georgetown on friday night, stay warm..:-)

  8. What a great day!! I heard some interesting accents on that little clip :-)

  9. loved, loved, loved all the pictures! And the song for Handy--left me weepy and speechless. What a sweet and beautiful thing for Amy to create for you.
    Thank you.

  10. Great photos, looks like you had a fun day, Love Petunia checking out the pockets for more cookies. BUT, where was 20, didn't 20 get any hugs? Would love more pictures of the wool house.

  11. Amy's piece for Handy is beautiful! I could see him trotting out for a drive to this music.

  12. I love the picture of you Sara. Sounds like you had a great day.

  13. What amazing heavenly soul soothing music Amy performed for us! She brought a much needed sense of peace and hope to me. How blessed are you to have such a friend.

  14. Wow! Beautiful post :)

    Hey CSL, which one is your pic?

  15. Amy plays for Hospice around Indianapolis. I love how she writes all her own music. Very cool.

    I'm the one leaning up against the wall with a not so little sheep anymore "lamb" standing behind me. Silly Blossom.

    It's really, really cold and windy today so I'm going to quit complaining about the weather yesterday.

  16. How did such a happy, lilting tune leave me in a puddle of tears?

  17. That was an amazing piece of music. It perfectly fit the nice jog of Handy pulling the cart in your video. Handy is still making memories. Wish I had been close enough to come out and listen to that harp in person. And hug some sheep, of course.

  18. What a really nice day and I know you made memories for all those who came!

  19. Happy and contented sigh from a distance. What a lovely, wonderful time... :)

  20. Lucky visitors! That Graham Lamb is such a love.
    Harp music - sigh. If I could play an instrument, it'd be a harp.

  21. Really enjoy the sheep pics! Very relaxing for my study break. Keep up the good work :)

  22. What a wonderful day for everyone. I bet those sheep loved all the attention.

    Cindy Bee

  23. I love harp music! What music! I also loved all the cookie eaters!!!


  24. It was a very good day, indeed!
    Pray for Peace

  25. Sure would love to have been there. Great to see the pictures of everyone enjoying a "Hug"! What a great event!


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