Saturday, December 31, 2011

Closing Out The Year

The Sunday Stills challenge for this week is a year in review. What is your best picture from 2011 and what are your photographic hopes for 2012?

I try not to put off the challenge until the last possible minute, but we've been busy here and boy howdy, it's Saturday night. New Year's Eve.

I read a quote somewhere by a famous photographer, who when asked what his favorite photo was replied, "The one I haven't taken yet." The year wasn't over. I could yet take my favorite photo of 2011. I grabbed my camera and headed out. Another winter holiday photo shoot in a light sweatshirt.

This is definitely added into the running as a favorite.

Miss Ewenice seldom takes a bad picture.

I especially like this one.

And this, while not in the running for favorite, is still nice because we have sheep, Comby and Handy off in the distance. Sort of like the blog header painting...that was painted before Hank, Betsy, Hickory, Lila, B. Willard, Sherman...joined our family.

As part of the Extreme Blog Makeover, should I try to paint them in on the original painting or should I paint a whole new header?

And what IS my favorite photo from 2011?

I've got three and a half hours to try and figure it out!


Linda said...

Let me be the first to say......AMAZING! Happy New Year!

Tombstone Livestock said...

I like the one of Hsnk with the sheep also, need to enlarge and frame that one. But the orange kitty watching over the sheep is also a good picture. Keep the camera rolling ......... Happy New Year

Lori Skoog said...

You are way ahead of me. I didn't even get to the challenge. Great shots!

Alice said...

The photos of Lila were ones that come to mind as favorites for 2011, but I can think of several others as well.
You have added so many things ( like the Wool House and the fencing), and animals, and some have left while others have joined, it might be nice to do an update. Are you due for a 10 yr. anniversary yet? No matter how you see it, have a...
Happy New Year!!!!

Christine said...

Oh, Miss Ewenice you are beautiful! The lighting is perfect.

Sarah, remind me what macro lens you bought? I'm kicking around the idea.

Anonymous said...

Gerat shots! Happy New Year!! :)

farmlady said...

The dog is my favorite. I love the "Zen" of a big dog.


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