Friday, December 16, 2011

Gone Fishin'

See the little dot down by the creek?

That's Eli. Gone fishin'. At least that's what we call it.

He's actually hunting. Or at least that's what he calls it. Looks kind of similar to napping to me ;-).

"Ai! You're blowin' my cover!"

"You've ruined everything!"

Eli? Is that your STOMACH?!? Your six pack abs look more like a keg there, buddy.

"Those are muscles!"

And hair. I have thick hair!

But apparently not thick skin ;-).

Just kidding with you, Eli. Sorry I blew your stealth cover.


Mimi Foxmorton said...


He'll probably pretend you didn't! lol

Sheepmom said...

Poor Eli. You blew his cover AND made comments about his girth. If he takes to the cat condo and sulks you'll know why.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

LOL!! My cat doesn't like it when I do that to her either--She gives me that look like it was going to make the difference between starving and survival! :-)

Bee Lady said...

Eli is a BIG cat!
Bigger than my lil Dixie dog!

Cindy Bee

Dreaming said...

Oh...the indignity of it all!

Alice said...

Snarl! You spoiled 007 Eli’s cover as a small black dot and let Boris and Natasha get away :-(

small farm girl said...

I now understand your cat humor. lol

Peacecat said...

Cat's faces crack me up. He looks as if he's trying his hardest to be a badass...but all we want to do is laugh at his sincerity!
Yeah, that's some thick fur, alright!

Terry and Linda said...

He's big boned! Not fat! Look at him run! Garfield can't run and he's fat.


Janice L. Grinyer said...

oh but we know that eli is all brawn and no... lean? lol

Yes, cats hate when you blow their cover - but revenge is sweet when they deposit the headless corpse where you get to step on it...

Ed said...

Trying to get some alone time..:-)


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