Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Three Amigos

I've had several questions about how the other horses are handling their loss of Aria.

They waited with her that evening until we got home. Once we got over to her, they all, side by side, walked down the hill towards the creek. Gato stopped and turned back to look at me. He might have just been wondering if I was going to bring out some cookies, but in my heart I think he knew something was wrong and was concerned. I was obviously upset. He's that kind of horse.

Aria was the queen of the field. If you wanted to catch all the horses, all you had to do was catch Aria. Those boys would follow her to the ends of the earth. They weren't always nice to her, but each was sure he couldn't live without her. She preferred to be with them as well...not that she didn't enjoy a day off here and there ;-).

Now there is no one to fight over, no one to boss around. I keep finding them gathered around the automatic waterer. In this heat, my first thought is always "something's wrong with the water" and I run out to check. They are just standing there sloshing the water around. I think they don't have anything better to do anymore. And they are inseparable.

We got a little rain yesterday late afternoon. Even though there are plenty of folks out there way hotter and a whole lot dryer, I still breathed a big sigh of relief and sat down on the porch (with the ever present, loveable Betsy on my lap :-) to watch.

I grabbed the camera in hopes of getting some cool shots of water droplets bouncing on the railing, but it didn't rain quite long enough.

But I enjoyed every drop.


Shirley said...

Aria sounds like she was a good mare. My Gussie is the one that if you catch her, the rest of the herd follows.
Life is kinda like those raindrops. Enjoy them, their beauty and their benefits.

Christine said...

It is always interesting how the dynamic changes. I'm sure they mourn just as we do.

I'm glad Betsy found a home with you, she sounds like a sweet little kitty.

dr momi said...

I think you caught the water drops very well! Nice shots. Sorry to hear about Aria...she sounds like she was a great mare.

Terry and Linda said...

Animals know...they really know more than us. They are just limited by the lack of our understanding.

Beautiful and touching.


Alice said...

Sitting amongst raindrops is soothing to the tears in our eyes and our heart.
Impressive capture of the sudden splat the raindrop makes when it hits an object. Probably close to the way you all felt upon finding Aria. Aria will surely not be soon forgotten by any one in your farm family.

I'm happy that Betsy has come to you at this very special time. What a great source of comfort she must be.

Lori Skoog said...

Oh Sara, I have had to go through this so many times. (And this morning we lost L'orange). Sad times.
Somehow, we all get through it. Hang in there.

Nancy K. said...


Somehow, the gentle rain seems appropriate.

Michelle said...

You captured some VERY cool shots of water droplets bouncing on the railing!

Losing an animal we love is so devastating that I always wonder if it's worth the pain to have them. But with Betsy sitting on your lap, I'm sure you know the answer.

Janice L. Grinyer said...

poor boys...its not easy on them either.

But I do love your rain drop splashes!

WildBlack said...

So sorry to hear about Aria!


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