Monday, July 4, 2011

Things You Learn In Workshops

You might be thinking I'm going to be talking about wool or learning to use my new Jenkins spindle.


Check out my finger nails!

I've been very lucky in most of the workshops I've taken to end up seated next to people who have been a hoot to study with and several who've gone on to become good friends. In a class at the recent Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair I was seated next to a hilarious spinner with the most cool distracting ;-) finger nail polish. Red and white swirls.

How on earth did she do that?

I finally had to ask.

Stick on nail polish.

For real.

She brought me a set the next day and look, "Girl Flower" matches our porch flowers :-). Janbaby and I played beauty spa over the weekend and so far they are holding up great, even doing farm work. Too fun!

So, to update for the Tour:

Day 1 I did learn the basics for the Turkish spindle. I think by the time I get through the small ball of Miss Ewenice, I'll be much more fluent.

Day 2 I started spinning Bluebell on the miniSpinner using a technique I learned in the stick on finger nail polish workshop. See, I really was paying attention ;-).

Day 3 (so far) I finished the first full bobbin of Bluebell and a complete second bobbin as well. Those are big bobbins. I've put a good dent in that bag. I am very pleased.

I love to learn new things!


farmlady said...

Love that yarn. Nice work. I need to attend some workshops and learn more about spinning and weaving. It always best to be surrounded by people who know more that myself.
Crazy nails... had no idea you could buy polish ready to stick on. Amazing!

Michelle said...

Great photo subjects; you look like you are getting along just dandy with your Jenkins Swan! And how on earth can you fill two mS bobbins that fast?!?

flowerweaver said...

Love those nails! Now let's see you change a tire with them! LOL. Turkish spindle looks neat. Hope you'll do a video to show us how it works.

Terry said...

Bluebell's yarn looks great!

Anonymous said...

So,, what was the technique you learned in the stick-on nail polish class? Some sort of speed spinning? Looks like you are really making great progress with Bluebell!

Bee Lady said...

One of these years I think I will bring my spinning wheel and visit a fiber fest. I need to learn how to do a better job with spinning. Your fleece and yarn is just beautiful.

Cindy Bee

PS - Any hints on spinning cotton? I have a lot of it and I have two wheels...Schacht Matchless and Ashford Elizabethan.

Alice said...

There's nothing like decorated nails to compete with the beautiful Turkish spindle.
How about asking your spinning buddy where she got them so we can look as cool when we spin? As well, what kind of wood did you select for your spindle? Image helps make up for what I lack in talent ;-)

Ed said...

AWWWW Your showing your girly side, neat nails. I bet Tim was happy with them too..:-))

thecrazysheeplady said...

I've not tried to spin cotton, so I'm completely no help there.

As far as the spinning technique, I apparently wasn't paying as much attention as I thought I was. I'll have to go check my notes, but it might have been American long draw. Maybe.

small farm girl said...

Next time you need your nails done, give me a call. I'll set you up. hehehehehe. Love the pics of the wool.


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