Sunday, July 24, 2011

The 2011 Tour de Fleece

Wearing yellow. I successfully completed all my challenges :-).

I concentrated my Tour this year on learning new things. Not sure why I need the Tour to do that, but at least for almost a month I got some stuff done.

Bluebell - Team Footloose.

Emerin - Team Jacob Junkies - Navajo plied.

Miss Ewenice - Team Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival - learn to use the Turkish Spindle.

B. Willard - Team Hopelessly Over Committed - 1100 yards long draw for bulky, soft yarn to knit a B. Warm wearing B. Willard barn sweater.

Elizabeth - Team Russian Underpants - learn to use the Great Wheel.

Grandma - Team My Favorite Sheep - Karakul.

Same time, same place next year!


Michelle said...

Whatchu complainin' 'bout, woman? That Turkish wind-on looks beeUteeful!

Jenny Glen said...

Hmmm - grandma looks kinda grey. She was a murky brown unshorn, but I guess she looked more grey when she was shorn so that must be why. Really cool to see her wool looking almost useful!

flowerweaver said...

Looks like a great success. Congrats on all you accomplished!

Sheepmom said...

Wow, what a huge accomplishment. You can be very proud of yourself for sticking to your commitment. Give yourself a little down time now before your next big project. Kudos!

Alice said...

This was an incredible achievement even if you hand't tackled new techniques. You sure put your classroom training to use and I would be that your instructors are proud that you practiced you lessons. the Tour de Fleece is a wonderful motivator because of the strength and energy you get from fellow spinners. Viva La Fleece!

small farm girl said...

Yea! You should be proud of yourself!

Claire MW said...

Congrats on your Tour accomplishments!! I quit on day 6 I'm afraid - just too much going on here at the new place and I could not justify the time. I'll do better next year. Thanks for visiting the blog - and yes, I'm in Canada now, just above Maine. Lucky Nickel wasn't quarantined - she had a load of tests to get over the border and had to be spayed too. The closing on the new farm was delayed by about 8 weeks and I had to stay at my parents place in the city (i.e. no goats allowed!) and then once I moved in, the barns were a disaster, so it just took forever to get a barn ready and safe. The inside of the house is pretty bad thing at a time! Was nice to catch up and see the latest pics of Renny too! :)


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