Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We didn't band Woodstock at the time because, honestly, we didn't really give him much of a chance and didn't want to find a banded leg hanging out of someone's mouth. We did the best we could to acclimate him to the "wilds", but with our cats... Let's just say, they don't get off the porch much, but when they do, they are most likely going to take out a beloved bird...and let the mice run wild.

I wish we had though because every now and then a solitary dove still shows up under the bird feeder and we find ourselves asking "Woodstock? 'Statue'?"


Jody said...

Interesting story behind Woodstock :-) I think that has got to be him!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link, because this is the first I've heard of Woodstock. I just finished reading all his posts; what a great way to start the day. Go, Woodstock!

Alice said...

I would bet that that dove is not an "imposter". I would think that for as close as you were able to get to him to take the picture, that he recognizes his former caretaker. He's just dropping by to let you know that he's doing fine after graduation.... getting by on a wing and a prayer! ;-)

Kritter Keeper said...

love this blog but can't find a place to 'follow'...i often visit lexington for horse shows or shopping! hadn't a clue where you were but i saw the four board black fencing, the run in sheds and the lay of the land and thought to myself that this looks like kentucky! funny!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Good question. I'm foggy on the whole follower/RSS feed/subscription thing. I'll look into it.


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