Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crazy Sheep Ladies

Something to make you smile...or laugh until you cry.


I got an email the other day from one of my favorite crazy sheep ladies that I just have to share with all the other crazy sheep ladies out there. We know who we are!

I just have to tell you this hysterically funny story. If you had been over here tonight with your video camera I would be a Youtube sensation right now.

I went up to the sheep field to check on everyone and get some lovin'. One of my favorites (can I have favorites?), Opal, came up and I started rubbing and scratching on her. Now, I am convinced that Opal has some of the same genes that those weird fainting goats have. When I start loving on her, she just sort of goes in to a coma and TOTALLY relaxes.

I could sense that she really wanted me to spend some time on her, so I sat down, with my back facing downhill. Opal stood over my lap, pretty much with her side in my face. I was rubbing under her armpits and her belly, her favorite spots. I could feel her start to lean in to me and it was kind of hard for me to stay sitting upright. It was like holding a stomach crunch in mid-position forever. Not that I've ever done a stomach crunch, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, she kept leaning, and I kept laying back further and further. I kept thinking she would realize that she was about to fall over on top of me and regain her senses, but she was OUT OF IT. I finally just layed all the way back, and before I knew it, she was laying on top of me, across my chest and stomach, SOUND ASLEEP!!!

Her legs were sticking straight out, which is unbelievable, because we all know that sheep like to keep their legs under them at all times. I swear she was snoring, but she was probably just breathing weird because she was in such a strange position.

Soooo, I layed there for a while looking up at the blue sky and thinking what a cool life I have to have a sheep who likes me enough to fall asleep on top of me. Then my legs started to go to sleep and I started to feel funny I guess because I was laying downhill and all the blood was going to my head.

I gently started to roll over, and Opal STILL didn't wake up, and at this point she was on her back with all four feet in the air, so I just rolled her over downhill, and she woke up and kind of started and shook her head like "Grrffff, ummmpffff, uh, what happened???" Then I think she was a little embarrassed so she started eating some grass and tried to look cool as she walked away.

End of story. Don't you love sheep?
Attached is Opal's baby picture.

Opal, as a lamb.

"...looking up at the blue sky and thinking what a cool life I have to have a sheep who likes me enough to fall asleep on top of me..."


Michelle said...

I must concur; what a cool life us crazy sheep ladies have! (The story was a hoot!)

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

I totally get that story. (Great mental images!)I think our brains work differently than so called "normal people"!

Jody said...

Sounds like a cool life to me too LOL

Alice said...

Her story is humorous and heartwarming! What a good shepherdess she is! Thanks for sharing with those of us who can only dream about how life with sheep friends can be. ;-)

melanie said...

I would TOTALLY love that! But so few people would understand...glad to know all the Crazy Sheep Ladies I can!

Mom L said...

I loved that story! Your words were excellent photo substitutes - I can just picture the scene!!!

Nancy - sheepless in Iowa

Nancy K. said...

What a sweet story.
Dream often does that 'lean on me' thing when I'm petting and scratching her. I'm usually careful to not be sitting on a downhill slope...


Life with sheep IS cool!

Leenie said...

Not a crazy sheep lady but I still enjoyed and laughed. Opal is a beautiful animal. It is obvious tht she is well loved.

Jennie C said...

What a wonderful story....made me laugh and smile.... Gotta love our crazy sheep :)

Christine said...

Tears in my eyes and I think I just peed my pants. Oh my. That could SO have been Sophia and me. Too funny!

Shannon said...

That is great! Aren't sheep wonderful :)

Carolina Trekker said...

LOL...oh Opal...I do love You!

bj of La Colline said...

Woke up this morning thinking about a sheep named Opal falling asleep atop Sara. A really fun way to start the day, chuckling to myself all the way to the coffee pot. Silly, wonderful sheep and the crazy ladies who love them!

Susan said...

That was a laugh-til-you-cry story! It is so funny how we can become so "one" with our sheep! Thank you, Opal, for making my day.

flowerweaver said...

Too funny! I can totally picture it.


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