Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Lens

Everyone has summer clothes and winter clothes (and I've found Tractor Supply is pretty good at covering both seasons). Now I've found my summer camera lens (and Murphy's Camera is pretty good at covering that ;-).

Poor B. Willard and cute lil' Shermie really got short changed on their baby pictures. It was just too hot. No one got many pictures this summer. By the time it cooled off enough in the evening to feel like walking around with a heavy camera around my neck, it was just too dark for good shots.

This one 'ain't half bad' though. Look who's standing next to napping Ewenice. Kind Buddy makes me smile as much as the nice clear, sharp picture I was able to take of the sun was setting.

I like Elizabeth looking back over her shoulder in this picture. Everyone goes out to graze for awhile in the evening and then they all come into the barn lot for the night. Look at the long shadows. My favorite time of day, but up until now, not ideal for photos opps.

I frequently read reviews of camera lenses and one lens kept showing up as a "must have". The Nikon 50mm 1.8. Not expensive. Not glamorous. Just a good solid lens for portraits and low light situations. A-ha!

B. Willard's black face is frequently hard to bring into sharp focus. I snapped this one pretty much one handed while I was talking on the phone tonight. I can't wait to try it with both hands on the wheel!

This shot is a bit too golden - need to think on why - maybe white balance? Regardless, I had a blast playing around with my birthday present and am looking forward to many more pictures that make me smile.

Thank you Saint Tim. You're the best :-).


Lori Skoog said...

These are all great shots. I love the light. Nice.

Alice said...

I liked all of the photos, even the last one with it's yellow tint. The setting sun appears that way and filtering or adjusting out with the camera might ruin the trueness of the picture. You've also captured the adorableness of
B. Willard ;-)

Michelle said...

Saint Tim is a great gifter!

flowerweaver said...

They turned out great! B. Willard perfectly captured!

Gayle said...

B. Willard's ears are a hoot! :)

DayPhoto said...

I so need a new camera. What are you using? Not that I can afford one, but still....


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT choice on lenses! Congrats... Obviously you know by now that you'll love it! :D Great photos by the way, I can tell you've upgraded the glass. Prime lenses take such sharp photos... Hard to go wrong with them! :) Enjoy!


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