Saturday, August 1, 2009

What?!? Another Dog?

He's a cutie, but he'd better stay away from our chickens!

Graham Lamb's mom Dianne had a beautiful fox photo on her blog a few weeks ago. Wow!


Christine said...

He's got something in his mouth. Rabbit maybe? We have one around here that is really into physical fitness. I see it jogging up and down our road all the time. ;)

flowerweaver said...

What's he got in his mouth?

Just remember rabies shots cost 2K. Of course, now that I'm somewhat rabies proof I'm planning to pet all the foxes I come across to amortize my costs. LOL.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

looks like the fox has something in its mouth. I love seeing wildlife thrive.

Nancy K. said...

I think fox are SUCH cool animals!

Gail V said...

Hi there!
You put a comment on my LittleRedOak Blog and I didn't know who you were. Nice to visit yours and read about you and your flock. Beautiful animals. Nice writing.
Gail in MN
at LittleRedOakFarm

Ed said...

Is that a Fox or a big eared brown rabbitt..:-)

DayPhoto said...

A fox! They are beautiful and lethal to chickens and ducks and other fowl. They also like melons and berries and eggs. Hummmm



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