Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cattle Caliente

I've been waiting for the call for months. With the super wet summer we've had (I hate to even type those words when I think about my friends out west), I was starting to worry the call would never come.

"Your hay's ready."

(Notice there is no picture of the hay to insert here. It's a wonder anyone still wants to live on our farm.)

I drove over to look at all my choices and noticed some really great Simpson's clouds (this week's Sunday Stills challenge) lazing about, so I politely looked at all the hay in the barn, hay still on the wagon, fields that were just being cut and what was going to be cut next week...and asked, "um, do you mind if I go get my camera?"

So I got some good cloud shots for Sunday, some corn and tobacco shots for Life on a Colorado Farm and some cows trying to beat the heat in the pond.

This is where the cool cow moms hang out.

Here's where you have to stay if your mom doesn't like to get her hair wet.

Of course, as I was "just taking pictures of clouds", I decided not to carry my telephoto lens with me. I have never done that and not needed it. You'd think I'd learn, but alas...

So, we'll just have to imagine how cute this would have been...with a zoom.


DayPhoto said...

Thank you for going to take photos for me! I really appreciate it!

Those cows have it made! Keeps your feet cool, you feel weighless, and the flies can't bite!


Nancy K. said...

You don't even NEED a zoom! When I biggified the last picture, I can even see the bubbles that the calf is blowing!

Great shots!

Christine said...

The newer 18-200mm Nikon lens that eliminates that issue is TO DIE FOR. Unfortunately so is it's price, as in I'd have to sell off some body parts just to afford it.

thecrazysheeplady said...

An 18-200mm lens?!? Oh you KNOW I'm going to be pricing that bad boy...and buying some lotto tickets most likely. That would be too fun!!!

Alice said...

I have not seen cows in a watering hole before. The pictures made me laugh as I reflected the similarity to what I might look like in the same hole. If I was a cow, I might be glad you didn't have a zoom lens.
Generational gap here..... I just found out what a Simpson cloud was!

lisa said...

My color of cows!! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

If you had that telephoto lens would you have cault the arch of water from the cow's tail in the backgroung? the cow with the red eartag? Love that photo.


Ed said...

Too cool, Aquacows..:-) Tamron makes a 18-250mm for around 500.00


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