Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sky Weaving

Check this out!

Cloud warp and weft, weaving a beautiful sunset over the new wool house the other night.

I wish I were weaving, but I can't even find my loom at this point.

If you look closely you can sort of see some weaving paraphernalia. If I could just get in the door.

Here are a couple pictures I found on my camera card this morning. I had hoped to do a 'sleeping with the sheeps' post, but was never happy with any of my pictures and really, coffee was more important at the time. Now, though, they make me laugh.

Keebs, looking like a little snuggle bunny.

Graham Lamb: "Hey lady! I could use a cup of coffee myself! And some cereal while you're at it! When are ya getting up? Are you getting up now?"

Usually Graham wasn't standing at the foot of my bed. I mostly woke up to those big ears and nose right in my face. Sort of like a cat. Graham is a complete character.

Hank is doing a great job. Keebs and Graham are his favorite sheep, which is good because those two are probably the most vulnerable as they have no fear of anything. Still, I kind of miss sleeping with them.


Nancy K. said...

What a perfect caption for the sky photo!

You make me want to go out and sleep with my sheep...

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I would just love to sleep with my goats, I gotta fix me up a bed in the barn.

Dianne MacDonald said...

This may not be any comfort to you (except for the misery loves company thing).....Graham's sister, Gabby, has a mouth at least as big and certainly as loud! (There's a reason she's named Gabby!)She's got those same crazy ears, too!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh! To wake up to those big ears, the soft nose, and eyes that talk would be just a delight.

I'm glad Hank is working out. Does he sleep in the house in the daytime, or out there?

I am not sure how these cool dogs work.


DayPhoto said...

I love the lambs! I'm so glad that Hank the sheep dog is working out. That is one worry gone. Does he sleep in the house in the daytime?


thecrazysheeplady said...

Hank would probably have a heart attack if we asked him to sleep in the house. He stays with his sheep. End of story. They are his best buds, especially GL and Keebler. And besides, night is when he goes on duty. I love to look out and see him "sleeping" out with his sheep. I think they are getting used to him as well.

While he's curious about us and I did actually get to touch him yesterday, he has lived in the "wild" all his life and is not so sure what to do with us "people".

Alice said...

My how the boys have grown! Still, I bet they enjoyed having you stay out in the barn with them... a pajama party at their house instead of yours! Do they baaa to wake you up, or just stare, or nudge you?
I am glad to learn that Hank is not a people needy dog and that he is getting used to his new sheep family.

WildBlack said...

WoW! thats something, Sleeping with sheeps! lol! Very nice photos!

Sandra said...

The sky photo is gorgeous!


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