Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bella Sinclair Award

Michelle from Boulderneigh sent me the Bella Sinclair Award. Michelle explains it best...
"The history behind it is powerfully emotional. The designer Ces said, "I designed this award to celebrate art in the blogs and to honor the value of friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. It is to be awarded to the gifted, accomplished, eloquent and talented blogger whose friendship and influence inspire us to do our best. That I named it after Bella Sinclair is because she epitomizes all of these things. She is an inspiration to many of us." (If you click on the Bella link, you will learn of the great tragedy in her life, and hopefully count and recount the blessings in your own.)"
The story is powerful and the artwork outstanding. Definitely out of my league, but I so enjoyed visiting them and being further inspired to always do my best.

Or pass the buck to the flowers painting out at our native plant pond.

I don't often "accept" awards. I'm not sure I truly deserve them and I worry about passing them along. Usually they are art awards or kindness awards and I am always truly flattered. Picking just five (the usual number) fellow bloggers to pass it along is stressful. We are all artists in our own way or we wouldn't be taking the time to keep our online journals and I have been fortunate to have only come across kind people along my way.

Go visit Ces and Bella Sinclair and Michelle. And be inspired. And continue doing your very best. We all enjoy your art and your friendship, sisterhood (and brotherhood), sharing and caring.

Pass it along.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

We need to work on your self-esteem. Of COURSE you deserve any awards given, because someone else thinks you do! (In other words, it's not about what you think about yourself, but what others think about you. :-) LOVE that first flower photo!

thecrazysheeplady said...

You are kind.

I too love that first picture. Interesting, at least to me, I think the bottom picture is the same two flowers, but from the opposite side.

Anonymous said...

Well, I believe you deserve the award. Your kindness just oozes out of the blog.

I note your tweet (?) wondering about Crazy Ester and her age. I thought it was possible to tell a rhumanent's age by her teeth. I know that I could not do it, and I don't know that someone who can estimate age can do it from one tooth. I expect someone with experience could give you a ballpark figure. I wonder what would happen if you photgraphed her tooth and posted it? The diagrams I have seen use the top of the tooth, not the side.

On second thought, No. I expect Ester would object. I certainly would! Prying about a ladies age. hump. Please forget I mentioned anything.


Alice said...

Very happy flower photos! Congratulations on the touching award from your peer!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I think time is running out for aging her by her teeth ;-).

It's a long one, that's for sure. And it's loose, so maybe it will just go ahead and fall out. I think she'll be able to eat better then. Makes sense why she's dropped weight this summer. Wish she'd cooperate and let us feed her extra on the side, but we've tried that before. Yeesh!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I think you deserve many awards for many things. One anyway for sleeping out in the barn trying to protect your flock.

Ed said...

Congrats on the award and well deserved. Beautiful flower shots..:-)

L'Hélène said...

What are those yellow flowers? The look like echinacea!

WildBlack said...

We all think you deserve it! You are inspiring and talented! and surely gifted!!! ;) Congrats! :D
Amazing flower shots too!


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