Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Lover AND A Fighter

Poor little sweet Lorna Doone-Buggy. She has been so sick. Just when I think she's starting to look a little better, back down she slides. However, no matter how bad she feels, she's always had her chin up or her nose in the feed bucket (or tall clovers). Just the toughest little lamb I've ever seen.

Sunday morning I thought we were on a bad course. She was holding her head up and happy to see me, but breathing so gurgly, nose so snotty and not super interested in breakfast. With all the company here getting attached to her, I dreaded coming in for my own breakfast and having to tell everyone I thought she wasn't going to make it.

Her guardian angel must be working overtime. By evening she was up and tootling around and out grazing with Miss Ewenice and seems to be getting a little 'more betterer' every day. Maybe this 4th round of antibiotics is what she needed...or it might be the good care she's getting.

Ewenice has done such a good job with her adopted baby girl. Even during all the cool weather over the weekend, she only went out to graze in the early morning and late evening and never took little Doone-Buggy much past the little creek. I didn't think too much about it though until these last few days. It has really warmed back up again and look who's out in the heat of the midday sun this afternoon.

And look where they are!

Let me tell you (well, you can probably see ;-), nothing gets in the way of Ewenice eating. The fact that she limited her grazing until these last two days when her baby was feeling better really just amazes me. As most of our sheep spend the hottest part of the day in the shade, I'm not sure if Ewenice is just making up for lost time or if she knows her baby is finally able and needs to get out and eat lots of vitamin rich grass.

Either way, you'll never be able to convince me that animals aren't smart, don't feel, have compassion for others...

Thank you Miss Ewenice.


Alice said...

I am so glad to see that Lorna Doone is hanging in there. Between your excellent care and attention from Miss Ewenice and a hovering guardian angel..... well that's as much love as we on earth can bestow on the little lamb. Prayers and good wishes are with you all.

Nancy K. said...

I'm saying prayers for little Lorna Doone Bug...

(and for her people mom too!)

June said...

Poor little lamb. I will add my prayers for her recovery, and light a candle for her, too. I know this has been rough on you, too, hang in there!

flowerweaver said...

Miss Ewenice has such a big heart, and obviously is quite smart, too! I'm so glad Lorna Doone is doing better under everyone's care and love.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

I'm convinced they're very smart too. With that and the cute factor, we're just about done in :)

Tammy said...

I'll be praying too. If she can just hang in there until her body grows stronger so she can fight it off. I know she is getting the best care and showered with love. You'll never convince me either that animals don't have feelings and don't form frienships. These things are too evident when you are around them.
Take care,

DayPhoto said...

I so agree with you, Miss Ewenice knows something, and she knows what to do.

I also agree that there are no 'dumb' animals just stupid people. When you think about it, animals know thier language AND they know our language. They are very bright.

Here is hoping that the little lamb is on the mend!


Denise said...

She is a tough cookie that Doone buggy! We are praying for her good health. I'm so impressed with Miss Ewenice and her caregiving abilities.

Dana and Daisy said...

I so hope she is getting better! She has become a favorite of so many of us!

Ed said...

Looks like little Lorna has all the support she needs..:-)
How Grahm and Keebs doing????


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