Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hank The Wonder Dog

Of course, putting that out there in writing is a surefire way to get burned, but it's an interesting story I thought everyone might enjoy...

This morning just before I got up I heard Hank bark a couple times. He only barks if he needs to (which is a huge relief) and if it's just a warning type bark, I've learned to trust he has things under control.

He barked again.

And again.

At that point I always go check. I stuck my head out the side door where I could see the sheep field. Everyone was grazing peacefully. Hmmm.

He was still barking though and it sounded like he was not with them. Better go look.

I walk out the back door, heading for the barn, Hank is still barking. What do I see? Keebler and Graham Lamb. In the gardens. With Hank sitting with them, barking at the idiot in the house (who didn't latch the gate well enough) to come out and do something. Anything. A little help here?

I knew the boys would follow me in for their morning grain, but Hank looked like while he was out here, he might get a better look at his surroundings. Uh oh.

I've gotten him to the point I can quietly approach him and he'll let me scratch his ears. I haven't tried to catch him though and walking on a leash is completely out of the question. However, we started whistling to him when we feed him, even if he's right there. Not sure how we thought of the brilliant idea, but I whistled to him this morning and he came running.

He probably wouldn't have let those two boys get too far away from him anyway.

Sorry for no picture. I'll try to get a new one of Hank and his posse and post it later.


Alice said...

Wow! What a story! Hank deserves extra treats for his diligence. He almost has you trained.

common ground said...

Garden Patrol, good job Hank! Love hearing about him and his sheep.

Anonymous said...

What a good dog! He said something is wrong, not bad, just wrong...come here, please!!!!

Way to go, Hank!!


Pam said...

Go Hank! I'm very impressed. I think he's appreciative of being in a great new home, so he's showing you that he deserves to stay. I wouldn't fret over the leash thing-some of our guard dogs have never had a leash on them-just not their thing. Of course, we have to physically carry them in to the vet's office for their shots...

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

attaboy Hank!

Lindsay said...

Wonderful Hank - looking forward to more photos.

Nancy K. said...

I am SO happy that Hank is fitting in so well with your flock! What a Godsend he's proving to be. Bella did a similar thing (the 'nagging bark') the day the sheep were in my backyard, eating my Snow Crab tree. Unfortunately, I ignored her until it was too late. I guess dog training really IS a two-way street!

Good for you for paying attention!!

Dianne MacDonald said...

Good Boy, Hank! He's on the job and doing great!(though I'm sure Keebs and GL are calling him a tattle-tale right about now!)As for getting his shots when he's due-I happen to know a vet who does house-calls ;-)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'll bet your farm animal vet would give Hank his shots on site; I know Rick does that for clients. What a good dog, Hank!

Nickname unavailable said...

I am fascinated at stories about how sheep (guard)dogs work. Hank looks so irresistible how will you keep from "domesticating" him too much to humans?

WildBlack said...

Dogs are the best companions! Wish I had one!
The best thing about this post was, there was no photo! ;) So your words let me imagine the whole scene! From all your previous photos, I've an understanding about the surroundings! It was amazing!
Now photos please! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got a winner there!

Ann said...

Come to New Zealand and you will be really at home. We used to have 14 sheep to one human.


Ann :)


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