Monday, March 12, 2007

Still Out Standing In Their Field

Those of you following the great computer fiasco will be happy to know that this blog entry is coming to you from the new, new laptop and all is well in Gateway Country.

The first Punkin’s Patch computer was a Gateway desktop. It’s still going strong. However, at over seven years old, it was time to think about a new computer and a laptop seemed the natural choice. The computer I chose - the brand to remain nameless (but the initials are HP, said in the Homer Simpson whisper) - was anticipated with high excitement, but immediately became a source of incredible frustration. Even though they have finally agreed there is something wrong that can’t be fixed over the phone by anyone in India and have already picked it up to make it “good as new”, the damage is done. Life is too short.

After my short venture into the “city” I am happy to say that my return to the “country” was a wise decision and within just a few days, my spotted sheep and I were opening a spotted box and we are all happily back in business with smiles on our faces.

“Good things come in spotted boxes (and fleeces)!”

p.s. If you've sent us an email and haven't gotten a response, it's safe to try again. If you've noticed formatting issues with the website, I'm going to start fixing those tomorrow. If you know anyone looking for a great deal on a practically brand new HP laptop, let me know!


Shelley said...

Don't you just love computers!?!?!? I'm glad you're back up and running. Can't wait to see beautiful spring pictures of your farm and furries.

LunabudKnits said...

Oh My! I got such a great giggle about the picture of the sheepies around the gateway box! Hilarious! Have you book marked! Look forward to washing the fleeces and shearing the sheep!


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