Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Running Amok

Three years ago this was a beautiful wicker planter brimming with bright colored Pansies. Two years ago the cats claimed it as a day bed. Last year I thought I’d fix ‘em by planting a million sharp pointy toothpicks all throughout the flowers. They were barely fazed. This year Claire-Bear appears to have made an early move. I think the tipped over bird house is an extra nice touch and we won’t even discuss Miss Tilly’s contribution to the Corgi level decorating :-/.

Last night I had to spend 20 minutes scouring the barn looking for one of the Adventure Chickens. There were only 11 on the roost when I went out to shut their door and I knew the one missing, the golden hen, was probably (hopefully) just lost. She’s a bird after my own heart, “Wow, this is a really pretty, how do I get back home?” She had climbed through, ducked under or flown over the fence and found herself in the sheep field. As night fell, her friends were able to retrace their steps back to their coop. I found her huddled on the mineral feeder in the corner of the sheep stall.

It would seem, after a long day of abuse by my animals, that they could at least let me get a good night sleep to help me prepare for a new day of continued attacks. WiWi had other ideas last night. And she wonders why she's never made a Christmas card.

Night y'all.

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nancyneverswept said...

But at least the computer cooperates... and that's a fairly new development!


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