Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sleeping It Off

My cats follow me everywhere I go. The other night they even crossed a flooded creek to follow me out to the barn to check on everyone before I went to bed. They particularly like to walk out to The Frog Pond in the evenings. We all make our rounds – I check the bees and look at the plants, they look for frogs. Then, I’ll go sit on a bench or the pond bank and Brushy will come over and sit with me. Claire Bear usually keeps exploring and Eli likes to move a “respectable” distance away to sit and survey his kingdom. We can spend hours out there enjoying each other’s company and listening to the farm put itself to bed.

Yesterday I walked out into the middle of the side pasture to throw some hay for the sheep. I wasn’t being mobbed as usual and realized I must be missing something quite exciting, as very little distracts our sheep from food. My loyal little hiking buddy had tried to follow me and found himself in a tight situation. He carefully picked his way through far too many nosy sheep faces and then bolted at his first chance, the young sheep in hot pursuit.

There’s really only one thing to do after a trauma like that, but how can this be comfortable?

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