Monday, August 24, 2020

A Sweet Story About A Sweet Sheep

A couple of weeks ago I needed to run to town and pick up some groceries and pet food. Or, I should say, go to town to pick up pet food...and some groceries ;-).  

I shop mostly at the small family owned grocery because "small, family owned", but also because there's (sadly for them) less people.  However, when you are feeding a large Pyrenees who likes her dry food topped with canned cat food and a couple, okay all three, "complicated" cats, about once a month I brave the big box store.  

So, well stocked with hand sanitizer and my mask, I headed to town...and the parking lot looked like it was a holiday weekend.

My first thought was to just turn around and go home.  We're pretty good at scrounging the pantry for weird stuff that needs clearing out and, in fact, it's become my main house cleaning strategy this summer ;-).  However, Comby really needed his special food :-/.  Sigh...  Wait!  I could go to TSC (Tractor Supply Company).

As I walked in, for some reason (special sheep spotting super power :-) I looked in the sale bin at the front of the store.  I never look there.  But I did.  And I spotted two dog toys stuffed sheep tossed in the bottom bin!  I picked up one and immediately texted a friend who I knew would come rescue the other one.

From there my new little sheep friend and I "crossed the river" and went to the little grocery.  No four year old tin of black eyed peas for dinner that night ;-D. 

Look how happy he looks to be out in the fresh air and blue skies! :-)

...and then I started worrying about his friend back in the dog toy bin.  What happened if my friend couldn't get there in time and some terrible person who would buy a stuffed sheep for their dog to rip to shreds got to him first :-o.  Since I had to drive right back past the farm store on my way home anyway, I decided I should foster the other sheep.  Crisis averted ;-).

...and I pulled in their parking lot just behind my friend :-).  Before she went in to rescue her sheep, we stood outside talking for awhile.  She's not had a stellar year.  I haven't had a stellar year.  We commiserated on our not stellar years and counted our many blessings and I left feeling a little better and less alone and I hope she did as well.  

...and I thought of how if the box store hadn't have been too crowded, I'd have not gone to the farm store at Just The Right Time and then on to the little grocery and back to the farm store at Just At The Right Time and of how two little stuffed sheep could help brighten up a couple of afternoons.  

Meet Chocula Chip :-)

Of course I had to pull out some Count Chocula roving I have stashed and spin a couple of ounces so he could learn about his namesake and a bit about his new home and what we do here.  He watched very carefully.

...and picked up spinning right away.

Then we washed his skein to set the twist.

That is a happy little sheep :-).

He even has the ear pillow down pat :-).

...and if I can ever get the Renny sweater finished, he'll have a warm wool sweater to wear this winter...before the next Iknitarod starts :-o.


sophy0075 said...

I’m glad you rescued those sheep.

My geriatric, toothless toy poodle likes the wet “pate” cat food, so I sympathize with Salt.

I hope you also picked up a treat for Miss Possum. And the chicklits.

Karen at longwell said...


I need orange said...

Awww. What a cute little guy. I noticed him immediately, in that first pic on IG -- "Hey! He's new!"

Welcome, little Chip. :-) (And good boy, 20, for being a mentor.)

Tyche's Minder said...

You crack me up -- you worried that you'd left one behind. I did that with a cat once. Had to go back to get her. But, um, she was, you know... um... well never mind. ;) Welcome to Chocula Chip!

Vandermolen said...

And a lucky sheep.

Anonymous said...

It was meant to be - Welcome home CChip. :)

Lesley Duncan said...

He does look so happy. How could they put such a happy little face on a sheep destined to be a dog toy!

Helen said...

Can't wait to see what 'vest' or 'sweater' he/she gets. Some times life just plans things perfectly for us...if our eyes are open, lol.

Shirley said...

He does look happy! We have teddy bears here.... somehow my collection keeps growing. Mostly because my husbands name is Ted.....

Cheryl West said...

You are a woman after my own heart. I have only rescued three cats lately) but each one eats something different and one has to have vet ordered digestive food.

You were meant to find and rescue those sheeps and you brightened your day and that of your friend.

Anonymous said...

Welcome little fella. You got rescued by someone who knows about rescue! You are in the best possible place.
Totally adorable

My best finds come from the sale bins I am “compelled” to dig through. In every store! Just can’t take a chance that I will miss something spectacular.
Chris S in Canada

Grey Horse Matters said...

Just tooo cute!

Dreaming said...

You are such an angel to rescue the little sheep, and to make certain the other has a good home! Love all of your pictures and how you in included the little guy and made hime feel right at home!

Michelle said...

Your path was clearly redirected to make up a little for your not-stellar year. He knows. ;-)

Sheepmom said...

This is the best story! Made my day. That little sheep will have a great life with you and learn so much from Pip and 20! You will have a whole workshop of knitting sheep!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Serendipidy! It was meant to be, so glad you got to talk with a friend! Seems like were get more Hermit like everyday:(

Shelley said...

Dear Sara. You drain the cynicism right out of my day.

knitski said...

Oh my cuteness overload wonderful yahoooooo!

Terry and Linda said...

What a perfect little story about a perfect little sheep all told by a perfectly delightful person.

On a different note...Our car broke down on the Blue Mesa Pass two weeks ago. Terry had to catch a ride back to our house two hours away. I stayed in the car to protect the car.

1-70 was closed because of the terrible fire in Glenwood Canyon so the traffic was above and beyond anything the two-lane pass was used too.

I was a tad concerned, but not overly worried.

I was sitting in the corvette AND there were/are/for sure some pretty unsavory humans driving down that road and the car could be a temptation.

For several hours I sat there; only had trouble with one very weird was a strange encounter so I decided it was time to 'ask the Universe/God/Jesus for protection.

Since, we (Terry and I), have had a rather 'non-stellar' last couple of months I was thinking of all those things as I sent my plea to the Heavens.

It wasn't long after I finished my conversation with the One Above when a voice loud and clear and very sure said to me---"start looking for the good. In order to get out of the bad, only good can stop the spiral.

There is good in everything...everything and you (meaning ME) are responsible for finding the good, singing praises about the good, and giving thanks for the good."

So for the next hour, I started thinking about all the good in the situation we (Terry and I) were experiencing. And gave Thanks for that good.

Terry made it to me in record time, a gentleman helped us load the car, and we got home just as the sun was setting.

It was a couple of days later we found out that two miles from where I was sitting a truck, parked and locked, while the driver was down fishing, was stolen.

I would never wish that on anyone, but the experience tells me that I was being protected, as was the car.

I re-learned a huge lesson. One I forget every now and again. But I hope I will remember it and never forget. For even in the horrendous there is good.

I do love you, Sara as so does all the rest of your followers. I think your kind compassionate heart shows up in so many ways...even to two lonely little sheep in a store.


Goatldi said...

Way too sweet and appropriate good for you! It is a year isn’t it. And as we all have not too stellar years we do have bright moments don’t we?

Gemma's person said...

Thank you for brightening my day.
I thought how kookie is this woman?
And a friend who shares her kook?
Wonderful making me smile , his cute little self!

Sandy said...

I absolutely love this post! I think we all have a little guardian angel - whether it is 2-legged or 4-legged - sitting on our shoulder, whispering things like "Go to Tractor Supply." And wonderful things can happen when we listen to our guardian angel. 🥰

Deb said...

Such a sweet story. Thanks for brightening up our days!


CathyD. said...

I always seem to be late to the party, but I am so glad I checked in tonight.
I/we really have nothing to complain about so far this year except for an atmosphere not conducive to whimsy. Thanks so much for the big dose. So glad you rescued little Chip. I'm sure he will be a great addition to the team.
Loved the story, it will keep me going for a while.


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